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That's what we do now wanna angelessan heritage climate and the hell it is it is awesome and also by the way not enough people being shot randomly a year after increased the percentages i i don't i don't get that part all right i encountered encountered guy who's driven to indignation the other day at my version of red tournaire which is metering lights i hate metering lights on onto the icao has at least i understand where the red arrows came from there out of control but i understand why they're there the metering lights are just a complete waste in my opinion and the well the red arrows the arrows are the green errors are good idea the rate should have they shouldn't digits should never turned read that you just went green and then just went neutral and you could dry but gotha metering lights out here in california i'm sure many places regulate the slow traffic to get on the freeway the one place where you are allowed to go fast slowing way waiter by my house and a lot of now a lot especially wes la they have two cars per green for evergreen two cars can go not everyone read that signed everyone's used to that they're used to the old one carper green around noon accident because that were argue here's the guy forty probably stop and it will cost two cars stand do car who garnered marine life schlais right next to each other to cars each lane progreen each lesotho four cars per with the effort ever well 'cause they they they they alternate they all nine zero as much as i do i am and frankly this is all on the sign which is a law rita is not for maith more growth all these drugs i never sat both directions signs.

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