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Emily Valdez K., California, Astros discussed on KNX Evening News


Exit statement which said they have thoroughly sanitized the restaurant and reached out to all staff who had close contact with the employee and told them to isolate for fourteen days in west Adams Emily Valdez K. next ten seventy newsradio themselves around southern California are being impacted by the pandemic reports on housing say there were thirty three percent fewer Astros that opened in March compared to the same time last year she was expressing the show will be an army hammer set to return for the sequel of call me by your name not much you have known about the new film but according to variety a novel on which the movie is based also has a sequel titled finely featuring the same characters and it takes place a decade after the original story federal in late during the nineteen let's crime drama Ozark about a financial adviser who moved his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks where he must launder money to appease a drug boss has picked up some great reviews since it began its third season on March twenty seventh thirty stars Jason Bateman Laura Linney anytime you do something and you find out that people are enjoying it is it is it's a huge relief and the writers they they understand that the the audience deserves an escalation you also learn a lot during the filming of season you learn a lot about your character you learn a lot.

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Emily Valdez K., California, Astros discussed on KNX Evening News

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