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Thursday cis pound wbz news time eight nine check on business news now from bloomberg here's andrew o'day good morning good morning jeff concern about the ratcheting of words with north korea has been polling on stocks in asia and in europe today a and could pull on us as well we're about an hour and twenty minutes away from the opening bell and right now sp futures are down almost half percent 11 points nasdaq futures losing forty four three quarters of a percent dow futures right now down forty seven points while disney is now the world's biggest cord cutter envisioning a future without cable or netflix lakes has the entertainment giant posted a twenty three percent drop in profits from its cable business mostly due to weakness against the yen disney also was announced plans for its own video streaming service disney will sell some of its premier content directly to consumers online starting next year and then lost the video service in 2019 petering liveaction films disney channel tv shows and pixar movies in so doing disney will end its relationship with netflixing oil futures gaining almost a halfdollar now to forty nine and a half dollars a barrel sp futures though losing eleven points business reports at eight thirty eight past the hour amanda rodae bloomberg business on wbz newsradio 1030 attack you andrew wsb abc news time eight ten no complaints here in the weather department today just beautiful 66 right now in boston to the mid '80s today sunshine all day long it looks like it's now a sure bet that a sales tax holiday and massachusetts is not going to happen this year it seemed like a good idea just last week when i spoke to governor charlie baker her about his plan to file legislation to give customers a break and businesses abhu glittered komo wire folk who could cook it really important to them it portrait co two or three and we do think it's the right thing to do the problem is that lawmakers are on summer break house speaker bob deleo senate president stan rosenberg both saying it's not on their todo list the sales tax holiday has become something of a tradition but has not happened since two thousand fifteen or the family of beverley speed freight ease the man behind the ice bucket challenges expressing hope thanks to the availability of a new drug to fight a.

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