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Have highway Tiki Greece out the Akron. Yep. Highway fifty nine between highway thirty six and highway thirty four highway sixty one between highway thirty four and sterling and then seventy six westbound back into Denver's the loop that I would take you on an alibi. You're launch. Yeah. Your breakfast. It absolutely terrible. And nothing has been done on any of these highways for year, one of the and I appreciate the appreciate the point. And the condition of our roadways, particularly the rural roadways that have lower volumes on them. Are are very well known to us, and it is a challenge we have because the there isn't enough. Funding to maintain the our our highway assets in the level of condition. They are for the future. And they are they continue to tear your after years you experience when you drive them. There's a lot of discussion this fall about transportation transportation ballot measures that would put more funding into into transportation. And it's something that the our transportation commission has to deal with. Limited funds that there are available. Where do you put them they make the most most sense and some of the some of the poor roadways, and we have twenty three thousand lane miles of highway across the state, and we cannot maintain that let all of those roadways the way that we would all like to see them based on the funding formulas. It comes to comes to cdot. It's absolutely you're absolutely spot on tie. These a lot of the rural roads are in shape. And there's a lot of them are straight up dangerous..

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