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When he did that he he he defeated death but he also paid the price for your sin? See Our problem. Is that when we were judged by. God we're not GonNa have enough righteousness to enter into the presence of a holy God but when we put our faith in Jesus Christ in in effect we're putting our faith in his righteousness and not in our own basically admitting God the father I don't have enough righteousness but I'm GONNA put my faith in Jesus Christ and what he did for me on the Cross. And so that's why God commands Allman Allman everywhere to repent and. That's the way that a person gets right with God by trying to be good or not by trying to make up for all the bad things you did but right by accepting what Jesus Christ did on the Cross as a free gift from God turned from your sin. Put Your faith in Jesus Christ and you'll be saved saved from the punishment you deserve. You do that by faith and once you're born again God changes your heart. He begins to give to to change your desires. And you go from someone who's been following after the world following after yourself and you begin to be a Christian someone who is a Christ follower someone who follows after Christ what do you what do you think about that. What do you think about that so explaining things to people if I've talked for a while I want to know their thoughts? I want to know what author thinking because whatever they're thinking that's going to determine where I go from here obviously. This guy is heard the Bible. I want him to understand is clear as possible. Well how this can apply to him. So that's why I want to know. What is he thinking? Well that's that's not Something bad 'cause that's actually something great to be a father of Christ yes I would understand only if you understand. Most of what you're doing you know online. Me That is that is that would be a different case for the wanting wanting to yes. I do a Lotta Times I do say you know I want to get closer and closer..

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