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Uh-huh Tommy Vitor today we have a special guest West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin we're GonNa talk to him about the Senate bill on his colleague Senator Capito who has not announced whether or not she is voting for this bill but we're GONNA get to healthcare in a minute let's start with some housekeeping so there's a new pod save the people tomorrow and also there is a special episode of Ana Marie Cox Show with friends like these where she went to a trump rally and talk to them I highly recommend listened to be I I listen to over the weekend and she did a great job of just going and listening to people and trying to have a fact based conversation and I think it was Remar- you'll pull your hair out when you hear it best but you know it was useful exercise where people are coming from it was also really instructed to see like how much Fox News has just been internalized and regurgitated by so many people so many the things that you'll only see on like Tucker Carlson show our spouted back in these interview so it's worth listening check it out very cool very a cooler channel so before we get to healthcare some breaking news this morning the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the trump Muslim ban ACE and the Supreme Court stayed the lower court injunctions against the ban in a kind of convoluted way basically saying that the band in stand for now with the exception of people who have and this is the term they used a bona fide relationship with people in the United States you might be asking yourself what does that mean that's exactly what everybody else is asking so there seems to be a lot of stuff going on here that people are just parsing through this is partially about the effect of having Neal Gorsuch on the Supreme Court which is an unfairness we can barely stomach but also their desire to send a message to lower courts injunctions and also statement from the Conservatives of the court including Gorsuch Alito and Thomas starting to speak to their belief that the on the merits trump will prevail. I mean this is remember that this thing was sold to us as necessary because of some sort of urgent threat from refugees coming from overseas from Individuals in these countries it was sold as one hundred and twenty day ban on day one hundred fifty five so that threat that urgency hasn't really panned out despite the nights ricketts ruling and the other efforts to slow this thing down so these guys are full of Shit is what I'm trying to say but this room courts going to hear him out yeah I mean not much more to add on this for now it's obviously a deeply concerning this court seems to be hinting at a willingness to let this order stand and we're about to see a crazy administrative nightmare as people try to prove that they have a relationship with someone in the US in order to come here these are the pits in your stomach we're gonNA feel for the entirety of the first term of the trump administration because we're reading about this news on the day there's also rampant speculation about Justice Kennedy possibly stepping down announcing his retirement and that would mean trump has to fill another seat so that speculation no one has any idea but it's just a reminder that we've gotta get our asses in gear and win the midterms because this is serious business and I am not allowing my stomach to experience the speculation of and then Kennedy's got downstairs Delicious Breakfast Burrito thank you Tommy you're welcome so we're obviously going to keep an eye on that situation but obviously the big story this week is healthcare I have written much worse much worse I have written in my outline because John's on the line while he's gone CBO brother where art I liked that a lot we are waiting for the CBO score it is likely to come out today by all accounts it will show that millions if not tens of millions will lose coverage there was a story in Yahoo Breaking this down Gary Claxton the director of the health care marketplace program at the Kaiser Family Foundation said fifteen or more million will likely lose coverage also a conservative you've analysts said I'd expect coverage to be eighteen to twenty million fewer than under obamacare he then went on to say why he doesn't agree with that number but of course he doesn't he believes in the magic doc of whenever the hell trickled healthcare economics so it anticipation of the CBO score coming out the administration and its allies went out to defend the bill this this weekend and they told a series of lies that were absolutely gobsmacked here a few of them and amazingly Kellyanne Conway told George Stephanopoulos that there aren't Medicaid cuts in this bill and that is the least agrees Wi that was told this weekend right because they claim not a cut it's just we're spending less than we otherwise would have spent it's bullshit if you're expecting money to come next year and then you find out less money as coming I think you'd feel as though you're her salary had been cut and you're also assuming that no more people will get sick and that prices won't go up on all the things were paying for exactly Tom Price HHS secretary told in a bash we would not have individuals lose coverage that's ally Pat Toomey told John Dickerson the Senate bill will codify and make permit indicate expansion which is exactly the opposite of what it would do it ends the Medicaid expansion and he said no one loses coverage again ally Sean Acer in a briefing on Friday that was not on camera because they don't WanNa be on tape lying and the White House Correspondents Association is unable to muster a response is to what this administration is doing. But I digress Spicer said trump is quote committed to making sure that no one currently is in Medicaid in the Medicaid program is affected in any way which is reflected in the Senate bill and he's pleased with that so every part of that is a lie so here's why they're lying a poll by the Kaiser family found Asian found that Medicaid not only as an eighty four percent approval rating among Democrats it has a seventy six percent approval rating among independence and a sixty one percent approval rating among Republicans and the exact same poll we discover that only thirty eight percent of people are aware that the GOP healthcare plans cut Medicaid because a they've been lying about it be places like Fox News Aren't telling the truth or simply not covering the facts and see Mitch McConnell's plan to keep the bill under wraps has been pretty effective So Tommy were waiting for the CBO score today we're going to keep an eye on it if it happens during the show do you think that the CBO score and the bill becoming public will get people more focused on us I think it will but I think you know our windows so small that it it's it's going to take a Herculean effort to push back I mean we're in a place now where we're relying on all senators and we're relying on public pressure from the grassroots to swamp like you know the coke brothers are talking about spending three hundred million dollars in the midterm election sexy or so the donor class I mean I I read a statistic today that four hundred individuals who will get a tax cut under this bill or the equivalent of Medicaid expansion in like four or five including West Virginia cleaning West Virginia so that those are the stakes of what we're talking about we need these guys to to take fairly politically courageous vote when it comes to local pressure from McConnell from their big donors in listen to their constituents in like Shit I wish I thought that I knew how this is going to go but I don't I don't know anymore yeah I mean the the Joe John Cornyn today said that they are that they are closing the door on a delay in the vote now that is worrying home for the July fourth recess. They don't come back because I did vote for this bill in part because of what everybody's been telling to put pressure on these people so let's about where we are with the politics and with the vote remember we need three they need they need to get fifty fifty In the Senate so that Mike Pence to break the tie so we need to pry off three Republicans because we've had unanimity among the Democrats for Conservatives Mike Lee Ted Cruz Ron Johnson and ran all said they were not ready to support the bill Mike Lee on Friday said something very interesting in a medium post and he said this far short the repeal the Senate Bill Keeps the Democrats broken system intact just with less spending on the poor to pay for corporate bailouts and tax cuts a cynic might say that the Senate bill is less a Republican healthcare bill than a caricature of a Republican health care bill and yet he does go on to say after all that for all that I have not closed the door on voting for some version of it in the end Jonathan Swan axios who has really been running the story the ground reported yesterday that a widely held view in McConnell world is that he doesn't start fifty two republicans he starts with fifty one many view Rand Paul as a lost cause and someone who has never gettable now that could be posturing that could be sending a signal that could be into kind of make the bill seem more engaged than it is but regardless Tommy how quickly do you think these right wingers are GonNa fold these stories are scary I worried yeah no can get changed slightly allow these guys to take a win and so they're already talking about carving out a special deal for Alaska that would change the way certain pricing occurred as a giveaway you those senators and get their votes this happened under obamacare Ben Nelson custody of those called the corn husker kickback ultimately it took weeks in months of political pressure to turn that from an asset to a liability for him but that time just doesn't exist here and that is what scares me it should scare everyone out there that we have basically four days we're trying to paint a picture here of just how damaging this bill would would be and we are backed by the facts we are backed by the evidence we're going to be backed by CBO score but another important thing to remember is there's a really complicated issue and it's a really complicated bill and it was written in secret and it is just now hit the light of day the reason we have a big process the reason we have politics is is it actually does matter that everybody gets a look at this because they might not have thought of everything they know the unintended consequences huge mistake drafting errors for care around up in the Supreme Court drafting errors look that the democratic process or passing Obamacare was incredibly intensive and public and scrutinized and all the rest but even still because the because of the way the bill had.

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