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Miles did you know that every single episode of the daily zeitgeist our show is now on spotify yes the same app that has millions of songs now also has thousands of podcasts that's right which what are you doing having a conversation with you miles this is not how we do you know is not how we do spotify dropped a beep actually no forget that bobby mcferrin activate who was listen to allow you this is problematic it's definitely not problematic because i'm half black so that's racist of you to point that out just not to from a national perspective okay we'll look i'm i'm going going to to be be out fi you can listen to all your favorite shows which sure who us and you can also discover new ones not too many of those we do get jealous very easily so to subscribe to our shows hopes great mostly hours search for the dailies ike ice do these guys then tap follow who who do and get every new episode delivered to you straight do you who got podcasts on spotify framing right now and now and now they're always streaming essentially i'm sorry i went out of my wheelhouse there vocally and apologized everybody's listening you flew too close to the sun mile and my wings melted hickories podcasts are on spotify now fellow the internet and welcome to this episode of the week lease zeitgeist these are some of our favorite segments from this week all edited together into one nonstop infotainment laugh strategy ganda yeah so without further ado here is the weeklies ice.

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