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I'm kinda team sunny at this point. I mean Lynn had a few starts, but I mean, that's your member that the guy they got was, oh, I mean he was awful in Minnesota. Like he had a few good starts and David killing David Cone going and absolute rant about fifty day. No, I wasn't listening to closely that was on the bus for half the game. He only kept him at all day with feeling dependent pitching which I, I'll look at it. I, I'm not a at all in old slow getting numbers on my face type of guy, but he was droning on in the broadcast. It was kind of annoying while Lance Lynn, it's getting shell. It's like, all right, I got. It's different. Okay. You're about step, but I'm kinda team sunny great at this point. I mean. Sunny to. I've always been sunny sunny, got he Hebron's in so quickly. He's like an ex that so hung. You don't know. He broke up and you'll like this could work again, but then he got up to already back. Oh, this is why get with that action like this while we fucking broke up, phony Burgum even relief today, four innings one run the grief start again. Good. You. You I. I. Great. Lindsay Adler, sunny grace eras below five for the first time since June twenty. Third in five outings in relief is two, seven, five era. If you include the starting as balls were last week, he's got a one, eight, eight since the motion four runs total. Good here I get grain linens similar cases in the sense that both our guys that had have had dollars careers and are having a super disappointing ear. But overall, I think sunny gray is the better pitcher. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Emma, we were where we were little weary of Lance Lynn from the start because when he came over, he average like four and a half walks per nine, which is mockery at all. I do like the last lamb brings fire when he's on the mound. He's yelling at himself. He's he into games. He, you know, he wants to pitch. Well, he's a guy you want out there. He just not pitching right now giving up some and I think sunny has deserved himself. He one hundred percent gonna make another start by into the year without a doubt. I think he's earned himself a chats. I don't know if it comes in his west coast trip, but maybe when they come back from the west coast trip, but he, he deserves something because he has say, he's found. Something, but he just locked in right now, he's pitching angry. He's pitching to earn his drawback that he forgot who said it of cone or k. today. But he said like, you can take a demotion like that. One of two ways you can just keeps thinking it up in like, you know, have a sour person you're facing fucking just be be be a bum, or you can like try to prove everyone wrong. And he's done that. He's got a one eight since he's since his motion hats off to him, I'd give him a chance. I mean, also, let's not get too confused with like linen head to our our, the kill awesome starts, but they can't begin to nobody. I mean our two one off start at Takagi seven, third shutout then a good start against Texas one run, but only in five innings, Harrison said foreign, vibrant five, and a third, five runs five and two. Third, three run k. but not great at in Detroit today. Six three, two thirds. So I would honestly. Go back to sunny, but I mean Lynn will get the next art, but I think but I would personally, I go back to. Yeah, I was. I think they're gonna talk about it whether it happened or not. I think you're wrong. You very right when you said that over under like half a star, the rest of your sunny, you know, what would you take sunnier or over under and east gonna be over that for sure..

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