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Picture that like you're gonna win that guy have friends that he worked with their family car. Yes. I mean I'm not saying everyone is wildly gainfully employed. I'm saying anybody? We know who was not severely impaired, who was not schizophrenic and not taking their meds. Severe drug abuser. Anyone, we know under normal circumstances could go crash on anyone sofa could put up and flayed -able mattress. And someone's garage for a few weeks until they found a job there is that distance between you losing your job, or you being short on funds or the factory closing down. And you physically having a concrete pillow. There's a big gap there in a lot. That's gotta go wrong before you physically get to the straits. They painted as. Has WalMart laid the guy off and then following night. He slept on the sidewalks. I know there's, there's a some phone calls to make how many I know I know ton of people who went back home. I know men and women who've literally at age twenty four just went like I that a problem with drugs or booze or a life kind of was too fast, whatever. Yeah. And they literally just went back to their old room and got their shit together for eighteen months. Hated their parents. Every step of the way, which I love because I was like, well don't move back home, then old oldish person this door. That is open to you for some reason. I always love that when the twenty four year old moves home. Like my dad still thinks he can tell me what to do. It's like, well, the landlord said, take out the trash. You're eating food. And you should be employed in living on your own. But okay, we've all we've all seen that and heard of that. Okay. I've heard of that of her. Getting, I've had, you know, I had I mean look, you wanna get homeless. I mean my best buddy, Chris's dad was going to fucking prison and he, he got dumped out of his apartment like three weeks or month before prison. He calls early admission. Accepting. Yeah, he was treating it. He was out front of the prison like they're dropping the new apple iphone. Wars jealous. Cute up. Graham story now we show look at a one bedroom apartment Ida one bedroom apartment with three dudes and and, and Rick shows up with a box with cowboy boots in the box and Dinty Moore stew, and, and his water bottle any like plops down. And he's, he's sleeping on the sofa. They've slept on the sofa for a few weeks. He crashed at his son's not his son's house, not his son's apartment, his sons friends apartment is where he crashed. My dad got divorced. He went to inlaws out, I slept in Grandpa's office. There's a lotta options and also when the choice is or sleep on the street MO my grandparents. I'm sure hated my dad rightfully so nobody wanted that sack of shit on their sofa less than grandpa did in their one bedroom. One. Through m- eight hundred square foot pile of crap. In north Hollywood. Yeah. Dad, but they still went like, okay. Just flop on the sofa. How are they're still there? Yeah. The story goes that might dad doesn't have any dignity. So his thing is like a while, I'll stay on the sofa long, you'll times, let me stay on this show foot because it's free, but it is certain point at least here, my grandfather say, I think my grandfather I several months like my grandfather, just went like, hey. This is my office. Johnny Carson here at night, any work. Can you gotta get out? You got to find an apartment..

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