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Here comes back Calvin, but he's one on one with electric coward. Tries to spin around. Does. He did the bureau at me. Stuck the landing to didn't take the puck with him. U S figure skating keeping an eye on. Matt Calvert, just in case things, don't go. According to plan for the next Winter Olympics beautifully done by Matt Calvert. Islanders out of the pocket throwing red life. Actually, there's just one red wine. But three I suppose one in the middle of the two on each end of the goal. Islanders. Have the puck in the ads. And now Zeke is a one timer is white more. Chuck picks it up his shot wide of the Wright. Patterson Varlamov, letting gets the rebound at the point collected by the nearside corner. Ads facing a ton more pressure from the islanders from the latter stages of this hockey game where they have a two to one lead kids pass letty ranson chasing after Leonard out of his net. The plant Brenton blocks centering pass McKinnon diving from that Martin to break it up. Landis. Got a wide open that McKinnon had a wider open up for that extra pass allowed Matt Martin to come back and have the defensive play of the game. So far. Thirteen eight to go in the third to one allege Brian graves whiffed on the hit on Brock Elsa JT compromised. Battling the far corner Lee has the plot. Spins on the forehand knocked aside by graves leak is Abaco Lee. Power Leuven front a shot his wine paves picks it up back at the point Lee shot. On the deflection. Nelson as the puck chopping the point is blocked graves chasing effort shoves lead down the ice fans. Wanna penalty won't get it? Shouldn't get one either to be fair. Passer JT convert from Kerpen copper. Body oncoming. Devante pass in front. Scooping editor of the apps for the puck is loose and the islanders bringing out toward center. JT comfort back in support of sand. Gerard leaves for Johnson behind his own that twelve seventeen to go in the third. Shots are thirty nineteen in favor of islanders. Johnson sticks to the owner Gerard is there. Scoops at the freedom. Nobody home for the apps in the near side bars Ellas there for the islanders Soderbergh. It's the way from John's paling veneer signed wall collect from the point that the puck in front of the net. Pat, save rebound score. Nobody picked up Josh paly or Matthew bars. L? And with eleven fifty seven to go in the third period. This is the hockey game. It's going to be Josh Bailey. His twelve th goal of the season. And the ice had started to tilt towards the left here at Barclays center and the islanders have fought back to tie the game too. And the traditions continue islanders fans that they have since nineteen seventy two it is to to. Between the orange and blue and the burgundy and blue Sheldon dries at center with spin, Andrew ghetto and AJ career is some Barry Patrick is behind you. Andrew ghetto wax the puck over the top of Robin. Leonard took a bounce right in front past agent. Greer islanders pick. It up is is a high stick on the answer, they touch it's. Zone. Islanders. Get their first. Bill. Bill gets their milk. Ally has his pocket. Pick by Andrew ghetto. Boba returns, a favor topping additives. His cell Sheldon dries. Johnny. Boy, check takes a checkbook it's the puck deep for the islanders Tyson Barrie behind his own that now backhand pass through Sheldon dries. They'll scoop it forward bounces in front of his own bench were ghetto can handle it takes it away from him. The oklahoma. Looking back and pass off the wall to the corner land Scott chases filler there as we're Bogo yet. Almost short Bogo year comes up with it. Back into the corner. Pitchforked forward by Patrick and the ad is trying to get it at the center. They do time pool. Walk over to collect Homer. Tax would polite. Murad music for Phillip Whitehead to go backwards has the wall near signed for Martin reaching forward. Nikitas adore of excellent defensive play by Nikita Zadora of on. That instance will knock it down at center ice again Zadora lights at the red line. The blue line foresight owner it downbeat collectives there. Those around me go rancid McKinnon as a hit, but the islanders come up with the puck Nakal now and plenty of the penalty boxes charging down the Parsi past nearside loose puck back and try and front kick free by Mark. Suzy's air. But Nathan MacKinnon takes away and tries to spend away from a very aggressive for check ads have to have some energy back. Towards the other end of the ice. Zadora? It's for Ryan grades lost. Stick Braves pass is for now horse real Anna scar. Colin wilson. Stickhandling in the corner. Wilson spins away Wilson, looking to the point Sarah Johnson winds pliers got deflation off an islander wanted. The nets. L N Y. I picks it up. Johnson gloves it down in the neutral zone for Alexander curve. What Reina Broadway not about leaving it for Colin? Wilson pastor snuffed out by the islanders. And here. They come. Brock Nelson to check. For Barrick Johnson. He throws the big backside out leave checks Alexander curve foot changing hits here in the third period. Eric Johnson now in zone Flood Ford. Matt Calvert looking to his right past came to his left. It should be on the islanders, and it is. So the goal traffic in case you're curious about the game tying goal is Josh Kelly his twelve th goal of the season. Ryan at eight o three of the third period again app said a to nothing lead. Thanks Soderbergh and Eric Johnson Everley scored in under two minutes to go in the second period. And Josh Bailey. Has one here in the third period. You may have heard a fan reaction a little bit ago was about a high stick. On Casey's Hezekiah s- from siemian bar Lama who felt the presence of gifts. I don't think there was anything sinister intended is not exactly semi garland styling. Spins away to the corner. Back to the point handle by Tyson varies bounced off the boards, but he plays pitching. Coach with the Carl Soderberg winds and fires the one timer blocked out high learning attempt to by the islanders took it. A flat should into the stands, and we will take a timeout. Eight forty nine ago in the third period to two between the ads and the islanders on the altitude radio network..

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