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For free starting yesterday September fourteenth please welcome to the Lady Gang Paris. Frequent Hilton. Up Ladies. My Gosh. Now, I want I want to welcome I want is. Conversation with a story because I have been interviewing people for ten years on television and three people in the history of the interviews I've done have ever sent a thank. You note after and Paris Hilton is one of those classy Babes. Wow. One of three of all those millions of interviews she sent me the perfume she sent me a thank you like you're so rad. So professional and I, love that you put documentary because there's no way you could be a dumb blonde and have this much success I. Love that you're showing people the other side of you. And definitely not a dumb blonde, just very good at pretending to be one. I think we all we all do. We all on this because our this. Yeah, we do. We do it to like the same little bit of an extent. I think, I mean, I can't speak for the other girls, but you have been like my dream gas to get on the began. So this is like such an exciting day for all of us. Really at so okay. So the things we learned in the documentary just a few teasers. The fact that you said you love to scrapbook it really took me to a happy place because I also love to scrapbook and so where the books like what you're homebody. I am a lot of people don't know this about me, but I'm actually like a secret introvert and people think might this extrovert which like is my other persona and the character I play but in real life that I just love in-home Chilling in my juicy tour tracksuit scrapbooking eating cereal watching. Rick and Morty and cartoons. Came Tang showing up my pets boyfriend I I I love being at home. So even though this whole quarantine has been obviously scary an uncertain time for everything around the world I always try to look at the silver lining and for the first time in my entire career being able to actually be in one place and be at home has been. Just a really amazing experience. Watching, the documentary to you have just been Gogo going for like a decade straight and I felt like you needed that reset so bad. Really. After just watching films like so many times and seeing Mike while you needed this time. So. Yeah, I'm. For the future like I'm not gonNA be traveling like I. Really, reflect on what's most important in life and Now. I used to only focus on my. Career and my business, my brand and knock atention Hugh my personal life and now I'm realizing that. My personal life with my boyfriend. Mellon. Just creating a future and going in the next phase in my life is more important to me than all of that. So. Crazy. How happened. So many of us like all these crazy psycho career women we've all slowed down. We're like, Oh, this is what this feels like. It's uncomfortable at first, but then it gets really nice like. It's it's really it's been cool. I also think that it kind of doesn't seem that much fun to leave the house. If you're you like in the documentary, it was it was kind of jarring to be honest Peres because you're like you're getting grabbed and pulled out of course, your fans and you love your fans I mean, you're stopping you're taking pictures you're talking to them you're not like snobby at all. It's like you go out and it's like this these piranhas and then you're all of a sudden you're like in the car and they're around the car, the car move like this is frightening in my opinion I would be at home scrapbooking to. Did. You ever need a break from all that like in this entire time of being. So king famous for lack of a better term. Literally, been like that's where I'd got used to it. But just having to be on all the time and people grabbing felt kind of like a zoo animal like this like Unicorn that was like in a cage like everyone's petted touch et grab. It's It's been a law gets it gets very overwhelming just having that constant having to be on having to play the character. Of course, I love making people happy I. Love My fans that then `Paparazzi can sometimes get so aggressive especially when they're trying to fight the shot because they all wanna get exclusive shot and it's just sometimes it would get very scary actually because people would just get insane. Yeah woman documentary they're talking about how you know you being one human being were. Like tens and twenty people's salaries an entire year like there were people making their entire living off getting your photo, and then they're punching each other to get the best photo like that's that's not normal. You know what I mean whether family is famous or not, or you're famous or not like it's not normal. So I love that you've gotten this time off and I also love that you're talking about how you've never been photographed in the same thing twice and I wanna know what happens to the outfits when you're done and if there's like a lady gang, how you down? But. What I do with them as some stuff I put into storage because my mom kept all these amazing pieces for Nikki and I might such a great idea. So one day when I have a daughter, she's GonNa have all these really iconic pieces. Funds I've. either. For Charity Auction or donated or to my friends. Yeah a sunglasses. So we'll see how the interview goes. We'll see how the late again guy who are we kidding cal it's GonNa. Be Like how Britney Spears has zone right now there's going to be a Paris. Hilton. With everything you've ever worn I can yeah you need a museum Paris Hilton Experience yes. About that right before coding works adding that we already the space everything it was fall..

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