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The only one I got for you. Is that a player? Their most recent product is actually named Jason Castro on enough funny that the kid out of Castro Valley was named Castro right. He went to Stanford. Them got drafted by the Astros, and I always thought, Oh, that's easy to remember. He also Castro from Castro Valley. He also had a grand slam off us once when they were We were up seven. Nothing in the seventh inning and at one of the biggest meltdowns ever. They came back and scored nine runs with two outs and Castro captain with a grand Slam into center field over over what we called senior park. He was a monster. Dude, that's pretty cool. The way you guys see that the Padres did that yesterday. No joke. They were down 7 to 3. They played one of the few Gezi for the birds. Seven inning. Double headers to Yeah. And they were down seven. Listen to this. 7 to 3 Bottom seven. Hate to even say that bottom seven. I know right away 7 to 3 bottom 72 outs. Nobody on And they scored seven straight runs in and that's why you should be allowed to swing 30, Bro. Yeah, well, that's 7232 outs. That's different. Four runs is different than it was. Seven wasn't seven things might have been seven when he hit the slam might have been like a seven run lead. Bottom 82 out 10 to 3 was attended three bases juiced. Yeah, Again. Just the point is just that you could come back at any point. That's what I'm saying. Well, as you said, this was, I think you know as shyness has continued his breakout run through the Murphy Max show. He was the guy who bridged the gap. It both answers. He said to me. I agree with you. I like the Lawry like the tradition. I like learning from my elders and I like understanding that there are things in this game. That's the right thing to do, He said. However, the game has changed in terms of the ball flying in the launch angle, he said. I'm not so sure. Seven runs is safe anymore and s O. That was he did a nice job of it. Ameliorating arrested. What's the word pacifying Both parties. There s Oh, there you go, Polly, hopefully, water boys not to overwhelm their by the calls from that very chill song that you played there. It's kill. It's it's It's good. It's a little. I don't want to give away the title of the piece yet, but I will will reveal everything in due time, but we're giving away five passes right now and then we'll do. Another five passes Murph later on in the show. So listen. So the Giants lose two in the You know, the good feelings come to an end yesterday and seven inning sucks Bottom line, But Andi, it just wasn't happening offensively yesterday. They didn't score any runs right now. You're game. By the way. Last time they got shut out. I have the stat for you Here, guys, make sure you get this right? The stat for you On the last time they were shut out Herd in both ends of a doubleheader. Ready for this? Yeah, 19. 1930 come on now started. I saved it. I can't find it. Shoot. It was like 1936 in 1939 1 of right now we're just totally totally long blank in time for their alright, So rigatoni Russo or whatever you know, it's been basically 80 years. Shut out in both ends of a double header. Of course in those ones they played nine. So I don't know if you want to count that my hearing. Yeah, Totally. That's a real guy. But for Joey Fart boy, Kershaw just I think it was either Kruger Keiper Miller. Somebody said he just toyed with him. He just toyed with the Bali Our cat in the yard. He just And he's now having trouble with that. A couple of things there. Everybody's pitching in on his hands. That's the word right. He's gonna have to deal with that. That's why he gets hit so much right that the word is. You can't let joy Bart get his arms extended right? And in that back foot slider, you know, coming from the left side that just comes in, and he was just waving at it over 10 with seven strikeouts in the Siri's, So here's Kappler official answer on Joey Barton. Okay, A lot of it has to do with me is gonna make a quick adjustments to Joey and And Joey is always going to need to adjust back. But I think the direct answer questions. He's he's going out the bumps and bruises. He's going to go through a stretch of 15 20 bats that Don't look great. He's gonna struggle behind the plate. He's He's an inexperienced young player that is, goingto take lumps along the way. He's also gonna have Ah lot of successes and he's gonna be really good for a long time. Okay, so that there's a fair analysis very well. There's just very fair. People do tend to overreact. He has become a bad games and people send him down. We were wrong. He doesn't should be. No, no. So here is the question is, Are you going to keep playing him and he's here? We've got to develop. In the interim, though there are going to be some ups and downs were gonna be patient with them. We're going to talk. Talk to him about How he can get better and looked about developed him at every turn. Well so that he can help us win as quickly as possible. And so we get the most out of Joey enjoy gets the most out of himself. Long term. Yeah, so I hope he's playing tonight, right? I'm looking forward to any two. Yeah, yeah, in the same spirit checked in. He's been checking in on a lot of stuff with Samson's A lot of good Howards Sammy dogs. He's doing good. He hears a lot of thoughts. You know, I feel like it's some point. Wherefore do, aren't we? It's It's almost like your right like it's been to. In fact, now that I think about it, have we had him during the panda. Honestly, I don't even know If we've had spent too long. That's my point's been too long. Hey, says Bart will be better for the experience and next year, failures and successes will be part of the maturation period with no minor leagues. He needed to be brought up because there was nothing more to learn in playing interest. Got games in Sacramento to one forces simply though, Yeah, but he has a hole in his swing. Well right now he does, And he's going to have to adjust. Here is capture on Bart's struggling with the inside pitch. Speaking of the whole okay, Yeah, I think they I think Kershaw and in particularly dots is his bread and butter. He's gonna use his slider on Brunnen in on your head. Ends, and then he's gonna He's gonna throw his his curveball is throwing it for strikes and easy and throw it out of the zone. One thing we know about Kershaw's curveballs is usually damages and done on that pitch. It's a pitch that A lot of hitters tried to take it if you're if you're swinging and about pitch and the slider in in the slider in office, it's gonna be a long day for you. I think that that Joey is going to hunt hunt out over. You gonna look for a kid to drive it out over so he can get extended and drive through the baseball. And he's just gonna He's gonna learn opponents repertoires and and how to adjust accordingly. And look, the one thing I'll say is I feel very confidently that are getting coaches. You are gonna work really hard with Joanna. Joey's gonna work justice hard to get him prepared and ready to adjust back. Is it good answers of capital Very actually a lottery. And this is exactly where, Okay, You know, we had all kind of rift on the 13 coaches and see Marja that great line at mine early camp and he said Yes, you know, As soon as we can tell the coaches from the minor league free agents will be fine. You know, it's so funny. But this is where this is where exactly this coaching staff should shine because the kids got all the town in the world. He just has this problem with the inside pitch. Right? So this is where they bring out the binders, Dudes. Your tunnel, You know, don't get your pockets. Bring out your approach actors, you know? Yeah. Yeah, sure. I know for sure We're going to put utilize all that stuff. But also Murph, like thinking back like part has already had to. I think two different injuries on his hand Like he broke his hand. It's a said everything. And he also wasn't a broken finger or D break the hand. I said twice the hand. Yeah, so they still come in on him? Polly everytime like that last night, they came in on him. Two is a little too close. That's got to be in the back of his head to. It's like you don't mind taking inside pitches, but at the same time if you've got a history of broken hands like that's got to be something he's thinking about two in the box like I don't want to take another one off the hand. Man, I agree with you, but I'll say this. There's a lot of panic on the text line at nine. Once about Bart. What scares me is the hole is huge, and he's swinging at balls their way inside. He looks amateurish at times..

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