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Only three years he's had six career hat tricks. Ready? Just amazing run for the Winnipeg Jets. So a lot of fun last night with the games, but two coaches lose their job Bergereon announced out for a while. So a lot of news here on Tuesday on member twentieth. Still quarter pole of the season. Just so so much going on. Let's hear from you at down the Graca hashtag game has conduct. Tim says Don with the way the Rangers offense has been clicking lately. Especially the play of how he'll I really don't think. It's the end of the world if they don't sign the Lander Panara during the season. Do you agree? Well, I don't know what's going to happen with knee Lander Panara n-. Talking to people around the league. And it's no secret paren- would love to play for the Rangers. So I don't know if anything that the Rangers do this year positive it's going to stop them from trying to get legitimately good players Panara and has always been a ranger killer, which is always a sign of going out and signing somebody. So that he doesn't kill you playing for another team, but honestly Panara fit in like a glove here. He'd wanna be here. But this is an organization wants their young players to play and play. Well, and that's what's happening. How'd and he'll have been God sends for this team. Hayes had a great year. So we'll see what happens with him. The Rangers are competitive and battling for a playoff spot. They won't trade him at the deadline. So we'll see how it all shakes out him. But I think you have to be happy. If you're a ranger fan that the kids are playing. Yeah. Eight one and one they've always been great in a month of November going back to the oh five oh six season since Hank has been here. November's been a month the Rangers of owned and they owned it last year too and still didn't make the playoffs. So it's a long season. They played twenty one games. We got a lot. Hockey left to be played here before we start to terminating what this team is actually going to be. But if they continue to sustain it and you get close to the deadline. They might be buyers instead of sellers they might be changing they never indicated that this was going to be long rebuild. They never even used the word rebuild. It was there weren't going to be starting to sell off picks to try to make a run now. But a good season could obviously change their minds of it Alex's. Hi, Don kings fan from Slovakia here. Listen, everyday, great podcast. You gotta be kidding about praising NHL dot com. Though..

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