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So we had an interesting adventure. Yes. What? So you haven't seen this kind of seen before with while you? Do you know many times come across dogs finishing off the kill? And again, it's quite right. It's not like every other Sephardi UCLA this many times, all you. Find is really dogs lying on this out of the road on the road, and and video activity, but to sit that I think we were there for more than an hour and a half in the afternoon, the the interacted made a lot of noise, and which especially nothing itself to see. But to follow them watch them kill Robbie tweet us. Okay. We didn't seem that rabid. It went into the tree when they caught it. And then full of them is chasing impalas. Listen line coding. Wow, close is just behind. Honestly is just behind. This is like hundred fifty. So she is calling for the rest of crime the pride. Well, they were two lines calling this way. And I think it's about half a mile away. And this one is responding to those now this is leaving camp, they footprints from this is the lines. I think that we were trying to find just after we left when we're going to see the dogs. But anyhow coming back to the dogs to actually watch them. Chase over the thing. That was amazing. Seeing the plus dogs surrounding will be trying to get the wildebeest to turn and run an expose babies, and they will just not give you know barging. Eighty eighty was just amazing. But this is the beauty of this work. Just know what you're going to get. Other day. You said of something comes up to getting a thought I'd seen everything you'd think you've seen that something comes up that just the prizes. If it's funny because when we go out on the game drives they'll be hours where we're seeing some impalas some hippos general games game just being genital game. And then there are moments of. Exhilaration what happened? Exactly. That's that's think. Case say that a lot of that is I think because the tracking skills of Johnny say extraordinary. Oh, yeah. I mean, he sees the footprints he knows how certain animals again to react to think. And that's why he can find dogs. Oh, yeah. I think if I was driving around here self-drive. I would see the hippos because they're in the hippo pools. They're pretty easy spot. Right. I would see the Impala because they're hard to see the water buck. But I don't think it's carnivores, but the trick and skills help a lot a great deal. And the what we've seen the other day. We'd tracked lines successfully on them. But what also helps is as we get into this area's that we all rates in throughout the you tend to know you'll resident animals kind of to finding. Yes. So it helps a lot when you know, what are resident species and where they hang out. And I think with the dogs it worked out that way. Today. We went to a place where we felt on Jensen finding them would be higher because this is where we see them of. So yeah, it helps helps all but that was fun. Hostile thing was great. That was actually went to get you guys because I think we can find lion on the road if it's not positive through camp Campredon. The line income. And it turns out we did not meet to go look for the lion because the lion came and walked fifty feet away from us while we were sitting in camp was able to get that. Fortunately, not as my last recording. If feels a little odd turning on the recording getting ready for a line. All we found was this recording. And this guy. She or he. It's hard to say. To the people that would do I can tell the difference between male and female now, I would put my money on it being female because they more females than the male. Males. To the end of this. You saw easy because I'm nails. I don't make much around the camp. You saw female tracks or both both. Isn't it sounds like? Different. He's right. Yeah. About. Okay. Being..

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