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It, but then it was really hard to get tested and I was very lucky to be able to, but I mean when you interview people about problems that they're facing, and for which they are seeing a doctor, there are of course things like a fever that you can measure, but then there are also just general. How are you feeling questions? And if you're seeing a doctor, chances are you're not feeling great, so you have to be able to know what's going on on an individual level before you see patient otherwise, you're putting everyone at risk. Risk and that can really only be accomplished with a test. Yeah, I mean I really feel for people that are working in doctor's offices and hospitals right now because you. You need a hospital to be that safe zone, but yeah, there's so many factors that we don't have under control because we don't have testing and there's so much protocol that we don't have yet either like I. You know I am way overdue for just a Dennis checkup at this point and I've been putting it off because it's not essential like I had to get my tooth. Tooth pulled I haven't had a dentist checkup a while. I don't know it's just like well. When when can I do that? It's like this it's the same thing is like a regular checkup or getting a physical or something like that. It's like we I think when we everybody was under the assumption that it was only going to be for three months. It's like okay well. I can put off physical for three months. Who Cares, but now it's like okay if this is going to be going on for a year year and a half lake what. What is the best practice in that case just to not take care of yourself? And there's no, there's no. There's been no guidance around that from Seattle especially here where there are things like for instance I was talking with someone and they weren't able to get their contact lens prescription because it was like a month. You know past its expiration date in Canada. My friend said you can. If you're slightly past, your prescription date and there are circumstances like this. This they will just send you your contact lenses, but because they're classified as something that almost like is adjustable, they go like inside your body. Then they are regulated, so it's she has to go now to the eye doctor and there's things like that where it's like you know for certain types of medications that require a doctor's visit. The patient might want to not take the. The chance on exposing their doctor, but then they're not going to get the medication that they need. So there are all of these complicating factors that might make patients. Go see the doctor even if they weren't able to get a test, even if they didn't feel great, and that's such a terrifying predicament. There's really no right way to handle it and I think we're also seeing now. Now Lake three months thing I feel like we always kind of thought was bullshit. It was just like to by people enough time because they can't think beyond like three months to something, everyone can handle if they had said it was going to be a year or two people would have flipped out more I definitely felt strongly that it was going to be a year. Just from the get really yeah I. Because I was like they're. They're trying to be comforting, but like nothing they're has any concrete plan. You know but I didn't think that even even as somebody who thought it was going to be a year. I was still like five months from now will at least have testing or something you know we'll have like regulated testing, right and the fact that we are five months into this and. It's still so ticky tack and doesn't seem like it's GonNa get better and if you get a test, they're still enough of a delay in getting your results that it's. It's so much less useful than the rapids results tests, which I think are still like one hundred and twenty five dollars here that you can get an urgent care and those the seventy percent accurate ones like I I think that those are more accurate. I've heard of a no. Yeah No, no says. Moore is more accurate. The no swab is more accurate. Cheek swabs though there have been instances of people getting positive CHEEK SWAB, test results, and they never actually swabbed cheeks. They like got in line. Had appointment turned around because of the weight was too long or whatever, and then they get a call or an email that tested positive and they were like No I didn't yeah. The halley Swab test is being run through A. Nonprofit created by Sean Penn. is that curative care or whatever? Yeah so? Again it just seems like the privatize nature of all these things as part of the problem. that. We don't just have nationalized healthcare where everybody could get tested That'd be great. That'd be nice. I know well we're GONNA. Take a break and when we come back. We're going to be joined by our guest this week. Meredith whittaker to talk about. surveillance. Labor rates artificial intelligence, so-called and so much more so stay tuned for that. I'm Devin leary and I'm Carolina Barlow.

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