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And it's probably got a lot more memory up to by the way, this thing will come with up to one and a half terabytes of memory. Now that drive that turned fifty six give drive you know, to put more in there. And in fact, they will have the ability to add, these new modules that can get quite large. I think I saw thirty two terabytes but apple spec it out at four terabytes max twenty eight cores twenty eight different processors in the on the motherboard. Dual dual video cards. Yes. Dual dual video cards. That's four video cards rayon pro Vega twos. And then optional features include just like the Ford GT the apple after burner. And we'll yes, we'll are extra the thing is so heavy you might wanna get those the cheese grater. Oh. Do you wanna keyboard and a mouse that will be extra? Did you wanna monitor well could news, apples also making a monitor for this for GT of computers? That comes in at a nifty five thousand dollars. The X DR, multiple monitor very nice thirty two inch beautiful beautiful monitor see associate so but, but wait a minute. I didn't mention one thing. It doesn't come with a stand. If you actually only bought the five hundred dollar monitor, which is fall over. I guess you could lean it against the six thousand dollar computer, and then you'd be done at eleven thousand dollars. But you're gonna probably wanna buy the apple stand for one thousand dollars. Basically, that's like the rims on the Ford GT. It's gonna cost you okay because you're not buying you know, an I MAC here. This is something special. So I figure nobody knows yet because apple is not gonna shipped to the fallen apple hasn't said anything, except the base price. But I would guess that nicely equipped. Mac pro twenty nineteen MAC pro from apple cost you around. Oh, I say, twenty five thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars pounds less than a four GT actually, you know, less than a Chevy volt. So, you know, not so bad. Actually, very gratifying. I'm gonna tell you making fun of it because of course it's hysterical. But it actually is really gratifying. It's apple. Listen. This is why it's graph is listening to pros. The people who edit video and make music, and, you know, do high end stuff people who are working for a living with their max for whom time is of the essence. And in most cases, they just charge it back to the client anyway. Major motion picture studios, things like that. They're making what they wanted it returned to. What was the classic cheese grater, MAC, pro it looked like a cheese grater then to not quite as much really looks like geez, now with stainless steel handles. It's a, it's a work of art..

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