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College football is presented by shape recruiter. Smartest way to hire. And in part by Joe's Tito's for every kind of fan. We're back on college football live and after twenty seven seasons in two different stints at Kansas. State Bill Snyder is stepping down as head coach he recorded nine seasons with at least ten wins including four straight from ninety seven to two thousand all other Kansas state coaches combined for just one such St. season. So as we welcome you back, Greg McElroy, David Pollock the results speak for themselves here guys when you think about David Snyder, we'll start with you. What comes to mind, excuse me? Bill Snyder whose David snow. Confused a lot. We look very similar. Twins. Look at the just look at the graphic, please in all seriousness. And listen, that's one of the greatest coaches of all time. And I know everybody wants to go championships. And you want to talk about that stuff. You don't win championships at Kansas state. What he did at Kansas state at how he improve Kansas state. Not once he retires the place goes back to be in the mess comes back and fixes it. Again, he was one play in ninety eight away from playing for a national title at Kansas state at opportunities Greg to go elsewhere. And if he didn't went to LSU like Nick Sabin from Michigan state. He would have won national championships. He was the pit ame- of discipline. These teams were always wanna at least penalize teams in the country. Always played great special teams, always made you earn everything you get. I mean, he was he's literally I know he's not going to go down in history as one of the best ever. But I honestly think he's one of the best coaches ever coach. He's a great coach very few have done as much as he's done with less than what I appreciate most about Bill. Snyder is his willingness to do things differently like taking a job at Kansas state. Where it's very remote location. There's very little in-state talent. He had to figure out a way you said. All right. I'm gonna go try to get transfer player on the go hit Jacoby. I'm gonna I'm gonna bring them from within develop them. I'm to maybe identify a guy that's being recruited as a corner by the big schools. I'm gonna put them at quarterback like he has done a really good job of doing things differently. That coupled with the values that he instilled in every single one of his players just remarkable. So he leaves a legacy that is rivaling some of the best of this generation, and for many generations before it, so many great things have you said about Bill Snyder one of my favorite things about him. Is that when you're on the field with him as a sideline reporter for his game? He will never stop for the interview. So you must keep up with him. And there have been times when I'm done with. I had been in a full sprint trying to keep up with him. He is always full of so much energy in life..

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