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I tried my level Best sensor that Biden's speech last night I watched the better chunk of it. We'll get into it today with our chief economist Steve Moore. 1.7 trillion. He wants another. $2 Trillion.12 Trillion so far, anyone's another two. Oh, Mm. Hang on just a 2nd 6108 50 09 90. Andy's in Lansdowne to kick us off today, Andy, Thanks for your patience. Good morning. Any time, Chris anyway, here just some of my thoughts. As conservatives for the most part We don't think particularly well in the abstract. However, those on the left thank extremely well in the abstract. What I mean by that is, Let's use that 77. 77 gets past It's an open handed, malleable proposition and accident waiting to happen. There were unforeseen circumstances that neither of us know will happen or can happen. But if they do A amplified the damage that could be done. There's something called House Law and House law says Anything that can't possibly go wrong will go wrong at one time or another. That's a good example of it. The other thing with conservatives is well, our values are extremely no. One. I wouldn't want to see them changed, namely family, faith and vocation. They leave us vulnerable to people who don't see those values flat out. Don't agree with them. And are able to use those to hammer conservatives. What I mean is We generally would like to think that people deal in good faith. That becomes a blind spot. Those on the left know that And they are able to use literally one of the more desirable facets that we have against us as a weapon. Doing with people. That you think are honorable. Decent who are not always puts you at a weakness. Now. You gave me some information last week when you mentioned Senator Kim word. Of district 39. I wrote her a letter. I stated in much longer form what we just spoke about. Half a minute ago. I also called my Senator Bob Mench. And, you know, basically Was not particularly happy with him. Told him that I would take a day off to go to the county Courthouse. Wait for Jo Gayle asked Jo Gayle. The primary him make a contribution. I'd rather see Jo Gayle Run against Steve Mallie. Gary, Who's my represent Wolf? Not my choice in the House. Anyway. These are just some of the things that give the West and advantage. You extend goodwill as part of your culture because you'd like to think people are good or decent or upstanding to those who are not. It becomes leverage, and you get hammered. It's just one of the problems that we have again. Not with our value system, which is fine. The other thing is this Take your wallet out. We've been over this before. We're ladies. Take your pocketbook or Purcell. Open it up and take a look at it. That's the former world of economic life. It's money. Granted, this will take a yeoman effort and a lot of patients. Like what you do with that can have a major impact. For instance, when I called on December 17th, a gentleman called after May, who was a heating ventilation and air conditioning? Person and wisely doesn't discuss politics and customers houses which is smart. But he mentioned that someone at Watt will had to be OM button on which I've also seen. He went to management and asked, Is that person doing that if their own volition or is the corporation behind it He said that he found out the corporation was behind it. He stopped young with y la Barata. Way to go. So did I. Shouldn't go a little further. Fifty seven hundred six Avenue Altuna, Pennsylvania, 16602 that sheets write him a letter. Home. If they come into the area, you'll be a customer. That's backing backing this up. For instance of lava I really wanted to help if you think these people, whoever these people, maybe people of color so downtrodden I want to write a check to success Academy Charter schools in New York City. I'm sure even Moscow, which would be thrilled, or South Bronx classical charter schools, or capital prep in Hartford, Connecticut. But this takes courage and this is not something that's highly visible. So It's a matter of us conservatives standing off literally. It's going to take Tate patients. It's going to take time. You don't like with that Amazon did the parlor. Neither do I, By the way. Speaking on the land line, I don't know any computer. I'm not computer literate. I despise the electronic world. You keep dealing with Amazon. I understand the seduction of it. The convenience you keep dealing with Amazon as competitors get knocked out one after another. What do you have? Now? You got Amazon. Really? In charge your life. This is abstract thinking it benefits all of us. And Into We start doing that again. There's no need to compromise our value systems. Until we start doing that. And realize that you are not dealing with people of goodwill. Alexandria. Cossio. Cortez is not a person of goodwill, right. Larry Krasner is not a person of good Will she keep giving people like that leverage? You're going to get hammered and in closing when you came on You first came on the airwaves. I thought. Oh, great. Here's a local focus show. No, no, no. Guess what you've gone way. Beyond that. You've done a terrific job. You've earned my listener ship. You were a big improvement over hh. You know who that is? It's a Salem host when he was on Well, Ben, it was a little different. Bill Bennett had experience in the national reach You May 1 Day have that, But what I'm saying to you is from my years and what's between them? You have earned my listener ship. And I don't do participation trophies. I don't give second place trophies. You do a terrific job and you're highlighting this economic stuff like Lori Lightfoot, Cuomo. Oh, goodness. Gracious. This'd isn't sustainable. We have to open. Yeah, it goes hand in hand with what I'm proposing. In the former world of economic life money. This is how you deal with these folks. Like You. You do it terrific job. You keep doing what you're doing, and as far as people who won't be home to the institution and like like, say, Ed Morrissey or Andy McCarthy Collar. Allen said yesterday that these people could be very concerned because they have an online profile and they could be shut down. I understand that, but you get Dennis Prager on and interview him. She's not worried about that. There are people who will stand up. Yep, they're armed and just keep doing what you're doing, man. That's that's all I can ask if you thank you, Andy. I appreciate that very, very much. You're kind of in a bright guy and And thank you very, very much for all you say and all you have, Dad..

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