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In houston. i'm matt hera memorial hermann. Health system has now officially joined the growing list of medical institutions around the state mandating covert nineteen vaccinations for employees. After telling houston matters last week they were going to create the policy. Ceo dr david calendar officially made the announcement yesterday in a statement memorial. Hermann says the decision is due to the current status of the pandemic with the delta variant showing quote no mercy on unvaccinated individuals memorial. Hermann says that more than eighty three percent of its workforce is already fully vaccinated that includes eighty seven percent of bedside staff ninety five percent of managers and one hundred percent of their executive team. Houston methodist was the first houston hospital to mandate the shots. Now a new report shows women and people of color in texas are disproportionately impacted from losing pandemic related unemployment benefits as are pulled. Benedetto tells us many people will actually make less money as they go back to work. Governor greg abbott halted pandemic on employment assistance for texans last month. Those were the federal benefits that paid out three hundred dollars a week. A report from january advisors shows that just under two hundred thousand. Texans were receiving those payments and without it they estimate seven thousand will actually lose money by going back to work. January advisers says two thirds of that population are women and eighty six percent of people of color. And that's paul di benedetto reporting there. Now that now that the cdc's moratorium on a fiction has expired more than twenty four hundred renters. In harris county are left vulnerable but as sara will ernst explains that only represents a sliver of people program was supposed to protect. According to the data firm january advisors only thirteen percent of harris county defendants saw the national moratorium delay or prevent eviction from happening. That's because the vast majority of households do not have attorneys representing them. In order to benefit from the ban. Defendant must fill out an affidavit and file it in court there currently is no state or local ordinance banning evictions despite rising cases caused by the delta variant meaning locally some twenty four hundred households who were protected by the policy could see their eviction cases now resume about sarah will ernst reporting there houston mayor sylvester turner issued a statement. Saying the city isn't considering eviction moratorium right now and he thinks direct rental assistance is the best solution. A judge has granted bond for the man accused of killing a seventeen year old in a road rage incident after an astros game last month. Gerald wayne williams is now behind bars charged with murdering david. Castro williams turned himself in and a judge set bond at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Castro and his father were in their vehicle headed home. When an argument took place on the freeway williams seen by witnesses firing his gun and the direction of the victims truck. I met arab news. Eight seven support for npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include the kresge foundation expanding opportunities..

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