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Ninety two some of the greatest scenes on Seinfeld was from this and some people don't even know you know they have these out takes when you used to get the DVDs the festival episode there is a scene where Frank and Kramer walk into the Delhi and he's got the pole any scraping the pole on the ground that was not supposed to be in the screen but he did it and hysterical but for me the the funniest moment of all time is when George Steinbrenner shows up at their house and tells Frankenstein all that George is dead and he's trying to explain it to them as they're sitting on the couch and you see Frank looking down and shaking his head and he looks at George Steinbrenner and says why did you trade trade Jay Buhner when you have a chance I put it up on my Twitter feed go check it out you'll see what I'm talking about anyway a life greatly lived ninety two years old posing in the king of queens also was married to Anne Meira to great comet I guess comedic actors all throughout their lives the father and mother of Ben Stiller who is turned into you know eight go to comedic movie guy I have a couple of dogs but some good ones anyway I just had to start with that and you know I am the Honeymooners Seinfeld taxi mash Big Bang theory two and a half men curb your enthusiasm I got a whole list I don't know what yours are I used to love I dream of Jeannie when I was a young kid Sanford and son all in the family I was never the I Love Lucy I've never watched The Simpsons I'm just getting into the office right now my kids got me into it yeah you know it's OK especially at this time laugh I never the by the way never seen Frazier Larry Sanders show love that anyway laugh a little I don't think there's enough of it and unfortunately it turned on the TV and you almost want to cry some of the crap that's going on by the leadership of this country all right the market wrap is brought to you by investment dash models dot com that's Jim Moore back one of the great market timers no grey areas with the man you're either in or out of the market was proprietary indicators go check it out investment dash models dot com okay I I don't know when we have our little break but that let me get into it right now there are moments in time in the market where are how do I put this it's like you use same bowl you know who he is like the fastest man alive I'm not running against a turtle there are points in time in the stock market where it's like you saying bolt running against the turtle and what do I mean by that let me let me fix that use the same bolt running against a lot of turtles that's what I mean we're just letting you know right now we're starting to have it just the kind of just started in the last three weeks even though it started before that but really more in the last three weeks where so many areas of this market are just plain turtles and when we mean turtles we really do mean turtles and then you have you same bowl and there's really there's more than one area of the market there's like a few what is namely one that's really showing himself in a big friggin way nineteen ninety nine is the greatest outline your event I have ever seen greatest out liar event I've ever seen I came back in nineteen ninety nine several times see we are so many areas were left for dead I believe last week I even explain that to you with the nasdaq went up so when so while the S. and P. didn't do much the nasdaq went from twenty nine twenty five break out to fifty one thirty two from late October to March while the S. and P. went up fifteen percent the nasdaq went up eighty it's not often you see that.

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