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About this show theme, and Kim Control Kim to Sex and the city getting a reboot. Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all shared the mini teaser trailer for a project called And Just like that. Him control, not returning HBO. Max says the new project will follow the I'm Eric Quota here beloved characters Carrie Miranda and Charlotte as they head into even more complicated reality of life and friendship. In their fifties, the Syrians will have 10 half hour episodes. No release date has been announced on Twitter, OneWorld woman wrote. I don't like to comment on controversial matters on here. But I would just like to say a sex in the city reboot without Samantha. Will it just be called? And the city exactly. It's the best take so far. Yes. There's a report that Apple and 100 I plan to sign a partnership deal on self driving electric cars. The Korean newspaper reported Sunday that tech powerhouse in the South Korean auto giant will sign the deal in March. Production reportedly will start in the US around 20 2400. I issued a statement Friday that it was an early talks with Apple. Oh, go on New Year's time. 8 56. We got your real time traffic and weather coming up next. Once upon a time in a convenience store, a woman asked which zero calorie drink will I like more? The cashier.

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