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Charlie hunting, and Warwick Brady your tops hand. We then starts go down down the field, provide a whole host of new names. This weekending. Colluding Felix storming, who's in fourteenth place of the moments ahead of regular? Any joins with Luke fidgets and Marco Holz in sixteenth and seventeen with Lee Kotchkine sin, Charlie Cunningham, and then easy Carter Verney outs the twenty strong failed will be if they all get through to the next couple of races this weekend. The biggest Bill we've had so far this season believe the biggest pads to might faint basic stats planning at the moments rashly, be the biggest, nor do we have the loss on seventeen has been the largest one say I save an extra three on the grid set Louis great for even better racing threatened. Calls awfully can seven minutes. All the session has been completed just woman. It's left to go before the checkered flag will be going out the Honan still fast Samuel Munson still second, Brian, still third butts. The best over the talk for is also. The battle took on a championship Kiko mentioned very kindly bits, we have four in. It's the moment within twenty five points. Well, we've been Bray on one hundred ninety six as twenty four points away in full place. He's the furthest away maybe from the Bassole for the title safe up with only horn. Just one point ahead. Then three points ahead, Sam, all transports headed Samuel months and three points name temperature meet at Henry county on two hundred and ten months and looking at the moment like he's gonna be beats into that pole position by all the whole and a half. We seen a change in the way that qualifying will go in the second half for this series. Of course, now the first round of the second hall, all he Hornacek at flag is out. Checkered flag is being made ready now. So just taking about now, Ali hone, we will have to get confirmation this, of course, because all one times, but we believe looks like hope -sition unless Samya wants and has anything. Left to number seventy. Where is he on track is track. It's all conquest. See, Connie comes over the line in. Does he improve any McCarthy? No. Second off his personal best plot time anyway, Sino improvement that from Henry mccown the rest of the field just coming through now and they first race of the weekend will be at three, four to five. Oh, cortex. How may sing. Woo does underway at twenty three with the AC forty pros and only hornet just as a heads Samuel Munson. Samuel does improve, but not quite enough. A fifty four point. Three means unique. Lacey's apply a couple of hundreds Milton off to stay. Enough to stay behind only hornet who is three tenths of a second ahead now beeping pray just covering Henry McCartney McCartney the end seven hundreds of a second behind Fenway ritzy. Second off kinda Riccardi in fifth, only SIMS. Thousands of a second behind Finn wears me thinks we have plenty of great actions come, hey, from lunch, five of the two thousand eighteen.

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