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Dolphins never liked him to begin with while he was coming out out of the draft last year possible but i just think if you've already made these moves and if you've stocked up on all these draft choices you might as well see what this this guy has so then when you go into next off season you can then no one way or the other we need a quarterback or we don't need a quarterback. The ryan fitzpatrick thing makes no sense to me whatsoever. None whatsoever rosen may not turn out to be any good and a lot of sports. A lot about being successful is opportunity. Is it not josh rosen so far. He's not going down very good. Wrote say what you want about arizona last year. The offensive offensive line was garbage. He was not in a situation that was conducive to him being successful now. He's going to go to miami and trade away. Their franchise left tackle. He's pricing himself. Oh my goodness when i get on the field. Is anybody going to be able to block for me at all in the national football league so he's heading down a road which may not make him successful. This will may not make him a desired commodity in and around the national football league and there might be some underlying circumstances as to why it's not just on the player it was josh rosen going to go down the road of being another derek carr. David cars should say who was sacked more than any other. Quarterback is first couple of years with the houston texans because they had no offensive line that was straight talk wireless everything for less only at walmart a lot of things we gotta gotta get into. We'll post some of these n._f._l. Questions to my tanenbaum are e._s._p._n. Front office insider he will join us a little bit later on in the program. We're taking a right up until major league baseball coming up at three thirty eastern brewers and astros jim bodo beyond the call here on e._s._p._n. Radio he'll join us a little bit later on to go round m._l._b. Melby another virtuoso performance by justin bieber lander of the houston astros throwing his third career. No hitter on sunday against the toronto blue jays getting getting better with age is j._v. and just to show you how strong the astros are verlinden throws a no hitter on sunday now they give the ball to garrett cole today an embarrassment of riches when you're talking about the starting pitching but we're talking football with the regular season finally upon us and we wanna hear from you at eight hundred eighty eight say e._s._p._n. Eight eight eight seven seven to nine three seven seven six. We'll get.

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