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His special paint scheme is based on these star nursery Chevy the keep drove to his first NASCAR title that was twenty years ago in the NASCAR southwest series. Which takes us to my home track is Kurt Busch. Returns home for the weekend. Look at him one of the places where Kurt race during his time on the southwest tour. The bowl ring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Short-track oval part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex which hosts NASCAR this weekend of force weekly NASCAR racing at the bullring gets underway in just nine days. So there's always the season's around the seasons. You know, all the grassroots racing really getting excited for their seasons to start. So. We're going to talk about what we're going to see at Las Vegas. And really, it's I mean, I know last week it was all right new package Atlanta. So why is it such a big deal we've seen the package before? But you guys talked about this a whole different type of mile and a half track. It is totally different half. And this is the full innovation of the new twenty nine thousand nine package. So it has the drag ducks and has a different panel. That has the large spoiler the large splitter and five hundred fifty horsepower in the hope here like we saw testing and throw this gender. We actually had this show you that there's the largest weather. Okay. Split going on and this is on xfinity carbon essentially the same thing. And then this is where the ducks go. No, maybe break ducks there. These are now dragged up they foresee are out to the side create a bigger hole in the air. So the car behind maybe gets a bigger draft. That's the whole intention of these drag ducks, and what we've seen is that they do create a little bit of that. Like we saw the testing here back in January get three four wide guys using the draft there in the throttle. And this is what we're hoping to see this is what I expect on the restarts. And the reason I. Hey, this is because at Atlanta attract that's worn out and multiple grooved. We I personally could go five six maybe eight positions forward on a restart, and then being a pack of cars three and four wide. And then slowly we'd shift back to where he kinda were speed-wise over the long run. But it was really interesting how he could use the draft of drag ducts to move through and really use have multiple lanes available. So if the temperatures right I think we could see that kind of racing this weekend throughout the race. And I think that's really interesting. It's possible fans. We we all hope for an entertaining race for their side by side. I still think it just completely comes down to restart. No matter what aero package you have no matter what type of racecar. It's all forms of racing clean air clean air. And if you get clean air, you're gonna handle better. So we're gonna see restarts. That are going to be really insane. Because every driver knows that if they can gain five or six on a restart that's just going to put them in a faster. Pack of cars in to me. It really depends on the group widens out, and that's really gonna depend on if the cars side by side. But if you get it where if the temperatures are cool, and they can run wide open at a consistent pace and never really have to get off the throttle. Then I still think we're gonna get single file at times. And yet your car's fashion, you still might be able to make a move here or there, but it Lanta the biggest thing was tires went away. And at times we heard it in car they had to get out of the throttle. They had to move around and still carry the momentum at beg at their wide. Open still though, well, we're gonna fight you're going to be on the race track..

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