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About the clippers might win win I think to the left when I think about teams do it right with the load management there's there's others but I really felt like the spurs with Gregg Popovich was gonna they're gonna head ahead of the game when TV was still playing I felt like the spurs did an excellent job of we don't care where and take off the league it no problem but we got an aging team we we gotta be ready for the playoffs not necessarily the eighty two when worried about the seedings I think the clippers are doing it just as well I think they're they're incredibly smart about load management twice going to be happy and healthy and ready to go come post season though they they are how many lessons doc rivers a company saw how the Toronto raptors you know what was able to save Kawhi Leonard in the regular season and get him ready for the stretch run in the postseason it led to an NBA title for the Toronto raptors that you you you think about the let the clippers lotus Leonard Paul George you got Harel Marcus Morris Reggie Jackson Patrick Beverley Lou Williams was instant offense off the bench the clippers are built to make a run for an NBA title you're looking at a potential LA on LA Western Conference finals clippers Lakers get your popcorn ready because they will be entertaining if that were to happen is gonna be fascinated that's Mike wells ESPN reporter colts insider at Michael's at NFL I'm sure at Mike wells and a fellow at the soldier straight ahead to the draft is coming the Niners chosen the top five Leicester made the Superbowl is there a Niners version this year we'll talk about the next game night on ESPN or eighty on the S..

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