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Fox News School District, Korea, South Korea discussed on Mark Levin



News now I'm Dan O'Neill North, Korea has made very little progress in denuclearizing as finger pointing continues about who. Is to blame. For North Korea nuclear talks faltering Defense Secretary James Mattis said there are no plans to. Suspend future, large-scale military exercises with South Korea and other Asian allies we have no plans at this time to. Suspend Eddie more exercises during, the Singapore summit with Kim Jong UN President Trump agreed to suspend three large-scale military exercises. The next tier one military exercise known as full eagle is slated for February in a letter, to North Korea secretary of state Mike Pompeo said America stands ready to engage. When the time is right, at the Pentagon. Jennifer Griffin Fox News school district's budget and a new bus, partnership, were topics at, last night's, board of. Education meeting board members set aside The first part of Monday's meeting. For a public hearing on. The district's budget for the upcoming school year the budget includes nearly forty three million. Dollars more in funding compared, to last year at a nearly four percent raise for teachers no one, from, the public. Signed up to speak, and board members later approved the budget with a unanimous seven zero vote board members also unanimously approved a new partnership, between the school district, and, Wichita transit agreement, would provide three city buses to transport students to and from the New South east high school. They'd in orbit Deras director of operations for USD to five nine says it's a win win for the district we are excited to present to, you this expansion. Of our partnership we selected southeast, again because of all the challenges that we had the service is free for. Southeast students assigned. To the route this marks the first time Wichita city buses will travel school bus routes. To pick, up students at designated stops Phil Hildebrand Kagan assess news explosive new allegations in the most recent sexual. Abuse scandal in the cath Flick church although we can't say what pope Francis personally may. Or may not have known Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Perreault asserts he. Has evidence the Vatican knew about the priests sexual abuse the facts and the evidence in this grand jury report clearly show that bishops and other church officials notified the Vatican of these predator priests what happened after that I don't know the, attorney general's allegations calm in the wake of an eleven page. Letter from former Vatican ambassador to the US archbishop. Carla Maria Vigo know who's been a pope Francis critic.

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