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So. Those are two panels that we're going to be on. So makes y'all RSVP come through represent we love we do that stuff we do. Anything for moving to this review care I, think that's it for now here. All right cool. So let's go ahead and get into lovecraft country episode five strange case written by Cheryl. I. Meka Green and Jonathan. I kid and Sonya winton dimension of did story So yeah. Yeah. That's correct. All right. So Yeah caring. Started I we always do this time. What did you think about this episode in general? I absolutely love it they. I know we're going to detail. They did something that I. It may have been presented on television but now I haven't seen like this. And I really. Really. enjoyed. A lot of swaps, a lot of changes. A lot of the. Special Effects. I had about. Yeah I love me a good allegory. You know I love me a good. You know The things we talk about in our spaces, you know the things we talked about it in our social circles. Intersectional Feminism White Feminism. You know ratio of. Oppression and all this other stuff code switching. Respectability politics is all in this episode and it's just like a masterpiece of that. Which is interesting because for me, this was the least scary episode. Like at no point what I like it got some. Gross. Special effects but I never fell anyone was truly endanger. Maybe, a minute of the show. In that minute we know that they not killing Ruby. So is mean there's no true danger on the screen. So it was actually a kind of A. Different episode and we also got very good character development with Montrose letty and intake especially MONTROSS. So so to me, that was covered all the bases and I just love. as a character and like getting to know her and seeing where they're going to take that character. I'm starting to lean towards my theory that she's GonNa possibly be a villain. I think so too. You know. Just, just because of the way that that things are shaking now and You know some the foreshadowing they're having. I don't know. So. All right. Let's go ahead and start getting into the actual episode into breakdown and all that stuff. So, like I said, episode five his strange case. What I'm GonNa do is separate this recap the same way I did last week. So I'm not going to do in this to quench of or. We'll still take our time and make it long but. Letty Montross and take is going to be one section and Ruby is another now unlike last last week Ruby will be last because she to me has the major storyline. Yes. All right. So We come back. We're in the room. Where we last are montross slash slash the throat a Yo Hema. Your email course being the. Two spirit person who was the? Translator. They were GONNA use to translate the word of Adam into English so that they will be able to do spells and shit. But of course, for some reason Montrose killed her and reset everything. It was like when your plan men and finally starting to get the lead and your friends unplugged the whole fucking thing..

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