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In his thoughts on the world of NFTs and crypto. Peter saputo, welcome to mint, long time coming. How are you doing? Thanks for being on. Yeah, I'm doing great. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to have you. I'm a collector of yours. I really enjoy music and I remember towards the end of season 6. We were just kicking it. I think at one of the LA creator houses and crypto, I forgot which one we should run an episode out of this project coming up and you sold me on this idea and really got to tap into the way you think. And I was like, wow, this kid really gets it. This kid. Not a kid. And I was like, all right, this is cool. We should run it. So I'm excited to have you on Peter. Peter, the 30 seconds. Who are you then? Give us a quick intro. Yo, Peter. Make a music produce out of my studio at home in Los Angeles and just been making music for as long as I can remember. And recently got into web three over the last year. is just living life, trying to make music and have fun. Let's go. Live in life. Live in life and web three, how did you get into web three? What is that story? I did. So I got into crypto. They started investing in crypto kind of beginning of quarantine. And kind of didn't experiment with any NFTs or anything, did not have the energy to pay attention to any of that stuff. I was going on. And I just randomly had a friend come over, kind of once we could socialize again. And he was, he was actually hyping me up on Daniel Allen's overstimulated project. And he's like, dude, I don't know if you've heard of music NFTs or dows or anything, but like you should really like, you know, get into this stuff like this, this could be a way that you could kind of fund your life essentially. And your music and whatever, and I was very skeptical to be completely honest. That was like, this is too good to be true and whatnot, but literally here we are. We made it through. So it's kind of wild. But yeah, I honestly hit up like a manager and asked them

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