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I was thinking about trying to read up to my waist in books. I'm sorry what I'm so. Here's the idea. I'm working towards reading my height in a in books in any year. So so I'm GonNa read up up to my hip for twenty twenty. What do you mean? Read to your hip and training. Are you stacking books. Yeah beside your leg and so I'm training to rewards. There's until you're vertically vertically so that's like four bucks that's great that's great four books with styles meet no sorry. The books Sir Stack vertically with the fundamental stack like this. The books are laying flat. That's a lot of books. Bab more at several hefty books I know and so I'm trying to read my height in books and then are you going to try to lift that pile of books with your pelvic floor or your penis. No Jesus no whole. What's the point? The point is I need that reading and I think it would be nice. It'd be Kinda cool It'd be Kinda cool. It's either this or run a marathon so and I don't really want to run a marathon so I think I would like to read my height in books it before. I'm dead within the span of year. Twenty twenty it's not going to be the year between I'm going to try to read. You're going to get at least as far as your to my hip to my to my to my hip bone. That's about half you know babe that's probably blue like a book a month minimum. Is that a realistic goal. Frio two three four five six just carrying six bucks right there. Those books come up too though. Bill comes up to my ankle faulk. I don't I think you should try to set a reasonable goal. That's not a very reasonable goal is no like like four. Books is a reasonable goal from going from zero to four books. You're is actually quite a big goal. Twenty twenty four books four bucks a music cut out a lot of PODCASTS. Because because that's all I do all do. Yeah we'll just listen to podcasts. I had a conversation last night with my sister about how how listening to podcasts in an environment where there's other people around should. It should be a consensual activity like everyone present should be consenting to listen to sometimes I turned soundsystem tons at your mind off. I know what I'm listening to could be very offensive right like if I'm listening to last podcast on the left and they're talking about a burrito Ruutel brutal murder in great detail. Yeah of several people. AH turn that shit off if like someone comes like jumps again a positive breath. Yeah you know thank you but if it's like the daily and I'm listening about I'm trying to hear the latest about the impeachment. I'm fucking playing that loud and proud because everyone should know. Yeah we should all know what's going on. I like House music when I'm working and so the minute. I hear just like Talk Radio Joe Happening while I'm trying to think I thought its obliterates my thinking you know. Let's wrap this up. I feel like we're just. We're we're literally dislike like look. Look at US fucking land here laying duty. You're you're lounging so hard you look like you have tens of nuts because you're fucking legs or spread so wide a as what my thanks to my period panties Thank you all for tune in this is supposed to be an intro. We turned it into an episode. So you're welcome these episodes. I hope they're OK. We hope you enjoy them. I know it's really fun for us to talk guests and stuff but because we're winding up two time for Brian. Leave we're GONNA have more of these host episodes Time for just the two I hang out and Chitchat before we we don't see each other for forever again and we should note to that like By the time this airs L.. Actually be gone and then gone for a bit. Well I don't know it depends on this episode comes out but but we're going to be in La as this. This episode will definitely be out before January sixteenth which is when Moreno La. And when we're together we're going to do. We're going to record probably at least one other host episode road and we'd like to we'd like to also film it and and give it out to our patriots subscribers as some some fun in content. Maybe we'll do. We'll do it live so you can tune in right with us So if you're considering becoming a patron even one dollar patron is it goes a long way towards helping US achieve some of our goals as a as a podcast. And getting the information to you that you want to hear and the conversations you want to hear so if you're thinking about not at all like a gopher twenty twenty in your life then maybe becoming a subscriber to the people who are creating content that that you love is Is Beautiful. Chris Resin both to them and to yourself. How about that And if you want to shoot us a question that we can dude fucking dive into Ping Pong back and forth for thirty minutes You can send emails deter me on Pakistan. GMO DOT COM And we will offer the advice that we have whether or not we've done the research or not and whether or not we should be giving advice or not It's always fun for us and fun for you. The listener and I hope hope fuck fuck and hope. It's fun for you. The prison writes in. I hope the person who wrote in today isn't like just rattled by a response. I have no idea I mean that was one of the my friend was one of the thickest emails we got and I don't mean thick as in a lot of words I mean thick as in layers was of an onion Vixen Abebe dubbing I mean last oh how goes with this fallout really. WanNa know the outcome. Yeah we we. Do we want to know who the outcome of most of the questions that are written in but this one I definitely WanNa fuck another outcome especially if you continue to see this gentleman yeah All all right well I guess that's it for this week. That is it for this week until go fuck yourself.

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