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Your car we've got Jay Leno you look back on a comedy career that has stretched almost forty five years decades on the side show decade spread performing in clubs and theaters decades collecting and talking about weird cards it's called the small town car it was built for Indian Maharajah and as the giants won. but this one it is very angry he'll also tell me about why after all his success he still. can't relax I mean obviously there are downsides I mean I live in Beverly hills. I have a pool I've really never been there because every time I get to the pool I hear that Boston voice what what do you miss the call now for use in the poll W. although you do what you got nothing broken the eleven the fix and really we go sit in the pool that's why people by the way Houston now you're right you're right I cannot bring myself to go on this for a just become to the point where it's I just feel as if that's the ultimate not not now that you've sold out now you're lazy you're sitting in the pool plus we'll hear a story from comedian map Pronger about his big break on another legendary late night talk show that's all coming up on both sides let's go. its walls I I'm Jesse thorn this week I'm thrilled to have on Jay Leno one of the greatest stand up comics of all time one of the biggest TV hosts in the history of TV hosts also a guy who by his own admission never got much love from critics the guy who got cast more or less as the villain in the late night battles with David Letterman and Conan o'brien. I'll talk with him about those battles in the past now and he's more reflective but it's still hard to Pierce the veil it's hard to know how he feels about that stuff. one thing though is crystal clear when it comes to Jay Leno he loves to work above pretty much everything else so it won't surprise you to learn that he's spending what could be his retirement making a television show it's called Jay Leno's garage it airs on CNBC and it's not by accident that Jay has been doing this as long as he has he's still a disarming interview still charming and witty and quick on his feet he's hilarious he is very very good at what he does here's an episode from the newest season of Jay Leno's garage he's talking with Charlie Sheen in there chatting about Charlie's role in the nineteen eighty six car movie the race as I remember your kid who dies when you come back as a car instead it doesn't make a lot of sense to me still but it's a true story is obviously interested. yeah yeah and I've come back as this car but as a spirit is a race right to to seek revenge on the road gang that killed me yeah of course my my brother works at a burger joint my ex love interest is now with the leader of the gang so this is based on your own family one hundred percent yeah I. now because of this about the time platoon was coming out right yes of course the academy award winning film yeah I I shot this and a pit stop on the way to the Philippines to make platoon if so this came out in the theaters before platoon right came out and Oliver actually went over someone saw it in the movie theater and called me showing really afterwards why do you think it's got a roomful tell me he says you cannot do films like this what is this movie about where your car your car and perhaps you ruined platoon. Jaylen a welcome doubles I'm really glad to have you on the show thanks that was probably the most enthusiastic thank you I've ever received. yes it can be here. well I am I would I am absolutely delighted that you've arrived at my door in costume as Jay Leno that's right that's right you're wearing your signature denim on denim yeah you know that people say why this well it's just because people see you as a job that you like one year is a joke the writers gave me fifty two shirts one for every day of the week okay thanks you guys okay okay and then like every sponsor all we know you like we gave you a denim thing with our coca Cola put implement and I cut the emblem off and just where the sheriff so I ultimately I have at last count five hundred and eighteen in the shirts and I think four hundred twelve pairs of the jeans I'm not I'm not gonna lie DJ I've never met you in person is the first time I write you in person you look very handsome in the sure why thank you thank you very much I look very handsome complements your eyes especially with the silver fox thing you've got. yes and that's really intentional the silver rock thing. did you give your famous for driving around Los Angeles an unusual motor vehicle I guess that's true did you come here in a regular car or an unusual I came in a regular car could you you don't bring anything unusual the downtown LA believe me. that's only for Burbank yeah yeah it's really just a bird yeah my car's leave going a big circle and then go back to the original location so I you know if I don't know where I'm going and I just take a regular car I think a lot of people who are automotive enthusiasts are into like the most powerful fastest car or the car that projects the image of the most power and fastness whether it's you know one Italian sports car or and you know an American muscle car you're very well known for loving cars from the brass era I like every kinda I like noble failures I like cars that were ahead of their time in their time they didn't quite make it yeah now at yeah I like anything unusual like that you know my a buddy of mine he lives and he lives in Holland he has my favorite car it was it's called the swan car it was built for an Indian Maharajah and has a giant swan heads but this one it is very angry. it shoots boiling water and pedestrians if they see if they get. and it goes. and in a car out of miles from the stream of scalding hot water if you. people would lose so he would drive this thing with his big swan in the front and what people got too close to the car he just press the button and this stuff boiling hot what what would come out it's called the the the the the pavilions of the street there horrible thing but it just bigger just made me laugh that's a great Karnak perfect LA really you grew up to the first and second generation immigrant parents right your father will who was Scott your mother was kind I don't either well this one's gonna my files to tell you the funniest combination it is a very unusual I mean this the Scots are known for their you know cold weather hardiness yeah you know the funny part was when I would go to my aunt net he says that was my mother's sister would you like a Scone G. me like a school in if you give me the still biscuit ninety six would you like a coca Cola Jeannie and she kept it in the cupboard and she'd say beetle GB it tastes the same with its called the woman to see him it's a refrigerated cost money it's silly to put coca Cola frigid and then she pulled me this call can all the fizz would be coming out of it as she poured and I get the steel biscuit you know and so horrible that I go to the Italian side all my god loves Sonya and meatballs. its walls I I'm Jesse thorn I'm talking with Jay Leno you had an older brother who why it went to jail law yeah my brothers very was in the service right and so on and so forth and use ten years old and you know if I remember right right it's going to be what you gonna do was J. R. as my my parents have that second we could do with Jay and I was like. because I was that I was not a guy was not a good student faculty when I was that I school the guides cancer called my mother and she says I'm sitting there goes Mrs let alone may ask you ever thought of taking J. I'm a school she was no longer teaching at the school we work the McDonald's of new you know they have that McDonnell university because they would teach him how to make change I'm gone Hey I'm in the room Hey hello and then he said something that to this day makes me laugh then you know Mrs Leno education is not for everyone. I think it was so when I got the tonight show action led to Mister Neal was my guidance counselor the time to come sit in the audience I single them out and they tell that story is just very funny. the sound you to reach out I'm. funny in your retelling but it does not sound like a funny thing to have experienced always please it's all right. you know I was always pretty off the cuff I was never I'm you know I'm pretty fix again so with it just made me laugh I'm sitting there you know Mrs Leno educations not for everyone. on the road. were you even think scanned like as a god knows I wasn't that I'm not that thick skin now but I was always there when I was a teenager I mean I'm sure it affected me more than that it will well I've put it this way it's it's funny in the telling after you've been successful this is true I'm sorry if if if I was you know digging ditches event. god god told them it. the guides don't don't we go dig ditches you know how did you feel about them now I don't really remember it was just another soda water off the back type of thing all right to okay fine my mother even I gotta do better okay mom will do better in school in on one of those deals I mean it seems like you really I mean particularly for a comedian you know I think there are a lot of hard working folks in show business you know show business when exist we're out of time the hard work but I think it's it particularly for stand up like you really committed your life to hard work early yeah I mean I was I mean like I said you have to work twice as hard as the other kids to get the same thing and I would see that in our go down in New York maybe that would drive down four nights a week five nights a week out of Boston to audition a comedy club to use all right when you were in college at Emerson or that one as a college and your line about like six o'clock to get eleven o'clock spot none of us in line. and guys in front of a go screw this I'm not standing and they'd walk I got that I move up okay thank you and that always worked for me and I realize that got older you know it's not that I'm any smarter it's just that most people don't have the patience or the attitude or whatever to stick this out. you're listening to balls I I'm Jesse Ford my guest is Jay Leno how did you.

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