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You drive where you drive how you drive a little has a tire for you and gonna pull question we gonna stay with a poll question eleven we can switch it up I ate a couple other options I had a question do you like being invited to weddings were going to it what I what I'd like to be invited to Dan Levin charge wedding but not have to go yeah probably well I can I can to get on a plane you got to go to Miami and then in I insist the whole big deal ninety degrees here you get the gun I am me for a couple days and I'm I don't need to go to I wait for the Superbowl which is worse so how about not getting invited to a wedding I would have been okay if level tar did invite me I would have been okay what about a wedding you expect to be invited to and you don't get the imitation you find out in it happened four months ago that's never happened pull the US yes the club I find wedding stressful like a lot of small talk the dancing question yeah there's always the dancing moment yeah in in you know my condition for a good seven years was that I can't you know this arthritis I can't and then I but I my kidney stones so now I might be able to still use that as an excuse to not get on the dance floor and you know if sarahspain goes Hey you wanna dance I'm gonna have to go thank you the stones if if mean it combines says come on let's go the worse is when you go out with your wife to do the slow dance all the couples on the dance floor and then the transition into all the Sunday star plan out September you're stuck out there well what you try to do my strategy is if if your wife wants you to go out when it's a fast song an upbeat song you up tempos willing to say you get out there halfway through the song hoping then that the next song is going to be a slow song and then you you put in the effort and then it's that's the slow song home yes he you have to make your way to the middle of that dance floor as soon as possible because the worst place that he is on the outside that's where all the sinners are watching you it and saying that's why I don't dance that's exactly why I never get up and dance look at that guy and I've had that where there is a woman who's out there who's dancing by herself and then she gives you the coming here like come on out and dance mon and then I'll go on I he and then I just point to random parts of my body like I can't at my head yes what if they stop playing a slow song don't you think you got to be one of the first person people to reach out to your wife and bring her out to the dance floor as opposed to everyone else already did in that you're the only couple sitting at the table and now you feel compelled to also bring up that I could get any points for that no but you have to decide if you like the song okay thanks if I'm gonna put my my stuff on on display like I wanted to be something that is going to play to my strengths a slow romantic song and all the couples are going up you're after if your wife you don't have to sit there the to your your well sometimes you go you know want let everybody go out there it's just you and I talk get a little closer to me commissioner the cameras shooting on a couple for the video in the gonna steal your view with the two that we invited the just kind of factor miserable and didn't take part in the joy of the night I I went to one of my friends his daughter got married a couple weeks ago that's when I left to go to the emergency room with my kidney stones and and I so I guess I'm in one picture and it's me with my bald spot from behind like are you kidding me I had kidney stones I go to the reception and the one picture I see is me with my bald spot yeah what when my clients as you know has a slow song a dance for your wife in a transition to a fast song my wife wants to keep me out there I never lose contact with a like I'm tethered to her we're out in outer space I was going to keep my hands with her hands because once you break contact then you got to start all over your hands in some fashion above your head as you're dancing but if I'm a contact with my wife no one can really see what I'm doing poorly yes Michael little kids are good there I call on the human shield but my kids are getting too big the debts and you can sort of swing around you look you will now be a pause right you kit free space is the death of a bad dancer yeah yeah I wanna get a running back out in space you don't want to be out there is a doctor the I just saw this Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph's agent isn't ruling out any legal options in the aftermath of the late game melee on Thursday night Jim younger is a his agent I'm gathering all the information and no options have been removed from the table me see if there's anything else in here the agent tweeted about Thursday night's incident after the game there are many risk an NFL quarterback assumes every snap taken on the field being hit on your own covered head by a helmet being swung by a two hundred seventy five pound defensive end is not one of them tonight could have been could have had a catastrophic ending the matter will be reviewed thoroughly that's not going to make things better no it's not no it's not because I was saying if I'm miles Gerrit I'm reaching out to Mason Rudolph I want I want Mason rude off to say I heard from miles Gerrit he was very apologetic in the moment did something wrong and he knows that this will be with him the rest of his career something but it I mean it's not income upon Mason route off to do this but it is on miles care yes the if your miles Garrett and you're calling Mason rude often and I hated you just want to apologize I completely lost my head and you get back talk to my lawyer crap you'll be hearing from my lawyer oh dear Hey sorry about that I hitch in the head would you sign a waiver he was just actually I can you just email me that acceptance of my apologies please I just for my own personal like yes I feel better yes Wyclef I looked it up but I don't think there's ever been arrest for NFL but hi he said three big ones McSorley got probation for a year for choosing approbation for your Diaz's rally also spend a day in jail for on ice Albert Haynesworth no jail no jail no charges filed no charges filed because I hate you know no charge have charges been filed before in half again I haven't found it hockey several times because back when in one of the more vicious plays infamous plays Chuck Bednarik the hall of fame middle linebacker for the eagles clothes line Frank Gifford of the giants and Frank Gifford was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and really never recovered fully after that but that you were you were close lining people back then you were taking your helmet off to hit somebody so it's it's a different NFL and certainly with you know the protection lawsuit in a concussion lawsuit now they're overly protective of quarterbacks and this is a this one's going to be there for a little while for the commissioner to decide you know what kind of penalty is a just a maybe a swift family Tony was selling his on the sidelines last night working for Westwood One the former a Pro Bowl tackle for the jags he joins is getting ready to take off on his on a plane from Cleveland in kind enough to join is Tony have you seen anything like that before what's interesting in the moment you're sitting there just describing the action obviously content and parties counties culminated protecting this guy in in doing then maybe with a little too far but I think he's doing office wants most productive quarterback and in any time I get back I was didn't look as are we done you know they're not Twitter kind of you know for flashing back in selecting what happened in the usual you won't read and you heard I've never seen anything like that and I think we live in a culture day work that is a terrible situation it's inexcusable miles get but we always reacted saying this is the worst thing ever we'll just go back to the late seventies and early eighties and watch you know for help in the highlight you go watch the Lisle date on throwing Hellman jets office one a group that often so he seems to have happened where thankfully there's no place for it you cannot use a helmet as a weapon and I think the severe punishment for non but you know unfortunately there's a lot of emotions and guys lose sometimes and just snap and things happen that people are great yeah but you didn't have social media back in the seventies and the eighties and that's where you get the outrage Tony and I'm I'm wondering do you suspend my as is the rest of the season enough punishment for you yeah it is I think that's a huge bonus Minyard section financially the fact you know his reputation do individually you know what he loves it was also really hurt the team he's the best because the players by the best player in nineteen and lose him down the stretch is going to make it much more difficult for them but fall outs which is a huge impact organization so for me the knobs it sends a message that you can't use of there's no place for it and you know if you blow through miles Garrett young career you know you circle pushing and shoving matches with them things like that but there's never been a suspension but never been a major issue on the field with Sam reacting about what as an offense of linemen how do you defend what pounds he did our our turn you down I sort of watched on the broadcast I'm not sure I wouldn't do much different because as an office on lime in your sole job is to protect that guy June two year the info you're the guys out there trying to make sure nothing happens to me when you turn in see defensive player swing is helmet and contacting your quarterback all bets are off at that point and you got to go after the guy you got to protect your guy now the kicking you know at the end of it was probably that's too much but at the same time I'm not going to sit here and go after count you because I'm not sure of moving forward if you were going to invest in one of these two teams ohm's after the winter the Steelers after the loss well miles there were going to still nineteen the rest of the article the with the ground because I just I'm not a believer makes Murdoch I just don't see it and but within their inability to run the ball effectively along those lines struggled this year and then released a request Michael Morgan and ask your doctor I think that the fans which is outstanding last night you have to give a twenty one points with their consorts fields all night really cute too big plays on Friday they're really good I'm just not sure you know there's enough with makes it a lot now all teams of really easy schedule brown to be discussed localist your second now that's what happens when the user I. bangles years so both of them are still right now but the probably you know of the slide it the Browns but still have a better record so we'll see Tony I keep coming back to this team with all the penalties on discipline last night maybe a microcosm of that with the what happened with miles cared and comes back to the shoulders of Freddie kitchens your thoughts on Freddie kitchens keeping his job well I think we were way would be premature that's how we judge brownstone station and then as a team there's a young quarterback your guide to going green seeing that this year just because you can wear a bunch of stars that doesn't make Mateen Haider takes a seasoned veteran coach I think can really manage the personalities and that's not what this means a year ago he was running backs coach started seizing up mode off let's quarter next you know because they feel like some of them before they make in the head coach so he's learning on the job X. rays are a good guide you in the best you can but every situation is legal in our stock was first you when you have so many personalities and high expectations that will put on this year once last time you sat middle seat coach it was about it was about seven eight months ago what happened was our first class the but I was never like to after we are way over land if I had to make the decision I go stand by get a middle seats only forty five minute flight Jacksonville or wait three hours and I've never been on the road for a long time was tiredness at all suck it up and I really felt sorry.

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