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At NYU, what advice do you have for parents for college students who are living through this right now? I think ultimately you have to know that you can recover from failure. And that's not going to be dark Mark against you later on down the road. I think that so often because we want things to go well, so badly young people teachers parents we want students to have successful experiences. And so we hype them up a little bit. We make it seem like this is the most important decision of your life, and that it can change everything. And what I would encourage students considering dropping out or parents may be dealing with this at home to do is to look at all college decisions as one in a series of formative steps towards successful and fulfilled. Young adulthood, instead of the end all be all Raynsford, Saddam for all the best for to you. You've taught us a lot today. And we appreciate you being with us. Thank you. Thanks so much for having made in Q William six hundred what did you hear in Raynsford story? They're a very common story in. In bright people who think who in in high school think that their major job is getting into good college. And when they get there often is deuce dissolution. For many of the reasons that she talked about, and I focus a lot on what we can do to prevent this kind of thing as well. As what we do once it happens, but I wrote the article because by October first I'd seen a new six kids who've been maybe October fifteenth who'd already been come home in from as a freshman in two had already come home us off Moore's. And so I think it's very common. I think that that if if we if gift his as growing up the idea that we're trying to do is to develop themselves. So that they have something useful to offer this world as opposed to setting this. The major goal of getting the most of the league college possible. I think things get much better. I think that what we what we stress. I in our book is how important is for young people to have a sense of control over their own life. And what we're as was saying, it was she experienced at the college into this wasn't what I expected in felt so overwhelmed, and such a low sense of control that she needed time off she needed to figure out. Why am I doing this develop yourself? You know, my guy. No, so many kids go to college with no idea of why they're doing it gets some calls in here. They're rolling off the board Chelsea in Annapolis, Maryland, your first high Chelsea welcome to the program. Hey there I called him. Because the things that you're saying really hit home for me. I graduated from high school ten years ago and try college for about a year and right now on just getting back into college again. And I really didn't understand where I was going to go in life when I first tried college. And so I felt like I was just throwing money at a school because that's where I was supposed to be. Whereas now, I love the program that I'm in. I know how it affects my life, and I feel like I'm actually growing as opposed to just sitting in a classroom. So that I can take somebody to sit in a classroom. Chelsea thank you. Thanks for for sharing that I really appreciate it. Here's Joey in waynesboro Virginia. Hi, Joey, what's your story? Hi, I just feel like the entire time that I went through middle school and high school hall that I ever heard was unless you go to college. You're not gonna have a happy and successful adulthood, and that's all that I've ever heard I've come to in my own experience. In for my mother who works with special needs people that college is not necessarily the best fit for everybody. There comes of trade jobs that need to be filled running out of people to do. But for some reason, it seems like being generally have this down look on people who do those jobs that if they weren't there to do them. We wouldn't have homes we wouldn't have stores where you didn't have running water electricity. Yep. You got Joey thank you so much for that important comment. Let me bring in another voice into this conversation view from campus..

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