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Get got a little bit happen. Happened down in by you. As normal summer going sleeping some still walking with a beer Cam last night. Never know man. You never know. Or out that inside so January man, we. Do it again to the way now is double dipping the mouth of the river, high water, and then we'll get coming through ponderings going out into the Chandler sound and Mexico. Which is good for the nutrition in a Marsh lane. Not really good for the people wanna go fishing. Down. So just hunt. So I've been moved around a lot, you know, from the top of the chain down east side dipping rounding, like yesterday, actually, went up probably cut about a hundred fifty fish, maybe more. But the problem is a lot of small very unusual out there all the big, big breeding stock, but for some reason, you but two couples from Houston. Girls. And they, they a hundred fish girl Ijaz catching them catching, which is good. But it's just aggravating because normally we kind of pride south on three pound plus speckled, trout. Today. You're gonna exact things about today and catchall big fish. You just never know it's going to be different. The most important thing is getting out there. You know, getting out been do what you gotta do. Stay for this good kind of mess around with it, but a lot of this. So that's a, that's a plus inside like into by you. All of those been doing really good. Lots of red fish few trout inside. Same kind of story season opens up Monday, but it's still been just a little off. You know, charge office. The Mona had boats back in nine o'clock. They said they cut off between thirty and forty rich limit was letting go and people had enough and had a good time. So go me when you stripe fishing when you hit him as. Oh, good. Would you like scratching is this guy really? Guide. You know, if you get paid to do this. Well, I'm a fishing guide. Not a fishing God. Yeah. Guide de guys that guy. Different. Good down by you can check us out man. Look at the website and do dot com. He was going on video, again, a bunch of pictures of people with a lot of stories and doing it, right. Because it just having fun down here on Tuesday, Tokyo, where we kind of off the hip talk, and then you got a new topic, though. It swing topics and talk about whatever you wanna know. And again, we appreciate people checking in from his own of Aetna's. No that. Hey, man. Listen, the cannon that we went to. Yeah. The good thing, guys and check us out, like didn't want wanna give the shout the five four three one five, six one four to call. We have in house masseuses. Now we got a concierge here. Anyway, book anything wanted to city to, to able to you'll go fishing, went to bed and breakfast. We do it all down. His time fishing resorts do but that being said, are you still laugh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Defecating definitely on TV. We hit one but. Goes on out man. I think twenty years ago, I didn't how to operate a flip phone. I pay in plane, and you Facebook and FaceTime on what's going to be in five years guy with next, you know, scary. No, no guys, take it easy. Mamelodi is playing up and we're going to how mixed mix Abby. Because they get these kids, some fish holler at you. I guess brother. Feel boost Tova tasty. But. He's gonna go out to the chandeliers. Go. Cool. Yeah. That is pretty crazy here. Twenty years ago. Learn how to use flip phone, and now he's going fishing in airplane, and he'll take pictures with his ipad, ours iphone and put them off everywhere we have Facebook lab, all this different stuff and it's just crazy. You know, the what we have at our fingertips Matteo, quick about lake mechanic, the canon. It's just making it crazy day before yesterday, max one out that had a great trip then yesterday is tough tough now they caught fish, don't get me wrong. Everybody caught fish, but just not fast limits like everybody's used to. It's more of a well we're gonna have got there and fish it. Ain't we ain't going to have to go out there and go kitchen. This is more of a fishing trip. So strapper will you may start doing some catfish trips here. Pretty quick. He keeps saying dad, I get me some well fact, he bought some of the day, but cattle cubes said mates cattle cubes seven eight cubes so he can get out there. And, you know, bait up some catfish. That's what he's been doing. He's making some holes up. So he thinks that he wants to catfish. Well, that's good. It'd be something different, so you don't just burn out because our fish, nothing. But stripers, and that's why I'm doing radio now, flat burn out. Now still Joey going out there. Joy customers McClements but up are now. Now when you fish every day, two to three trips a day. For thirty three years. Yeah. It becomes a job. That's why I never did hunting turned it into hunting. John, you know, hunting God. That was my. That was my thing. That's your scape. Exactly what it was. It was nice gape than. And that's why I love doing radio because I can get on here and visit with everybody and then let them know.

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