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Website AT III dot org and this is John in Saint cloud Minnesota hello John all right ma'am yeah I've got an unexpected consequence of the restaurant down okay the long food hauling truckers are unable on mayor when they're on the road to find places to eat to get concrete go to the bathroom and to refuel their trucks because of the shutdown hi this is Brian depend right we quickly find all work around for them well we obviously we have to have a workaround for this country depends on the truck side I cannot emphasize enough if there were no trucks in this country there isn't a major city in the country that wouldn't have people starving within a month without trucks so whatever we do in that regard rubbish it would seem that it has to include some kind of allowance for those people that maybe they can all carry sack lunches but then they've got to have those certainly fuel for their vehicles yeah and interrupt you know hopefully I know a lot of restaurants are doing this sort of take out or delivery model and you know whether they can sustain themselves that way this is an open question I mean you know one thing that I think you have to be face clearly if this cannot go on this is not sustainable for an extended period of time yeah I'd not saying that this isn't the right thing to do right now and that we shouldn't you know do it as long as we reasonably can but we can't I think shut down our economy you know because sometimes you hear people say well this could last you know five six months eighteen months or something and that's just I think well it's just not not not something our society can do it wouldn't happen I mean the yeah that's right when we went down with consequences far worse than than what we're talking about now so as we go back to some more culture let me just simply follow up with that we've heard in recent days the president talk about six to eight weeks which would put us somewhere in may but now he's been saying things like well could go to July or August and of course July and August are when the national political conventions are held of these of course were gathered big time gatherings well a whole lot of people thousands of people in an arena and this sort of thing and so and a lot of older people and a lot of older people yes the people get involved in politics tend to be older people including by the way some of the nominees at this juncture it would appear that both presidential nominees are going to be well into their seventies so let me ask you from from an economic point of view alone are given what we're talking about here shutting down as much of the economy as we're talking about how far could we go can we make it to August or September or the end of the year where in your view would be the breaking point where we simply say Hey enough we we simply cannot keep doing this everybody's got to be really careful and don't sneeze on anybody whole lot of handi wipes and and cleaning off table tops but we can't shut things down any longer how long is that well I think that depends on how successful this period is in flattening the curve we've all seen I think that the that graph what's the what we are trying to do to get the caseloads to the point that it does not overwhelm our medical system and the more effectively we have been you know washing our hands and and social distancing of the more we've been doing that and then it may be possible to relax that regime more quickly if we're you know we're not or if this is not successful then I think that we've got a longer term problem we may have a longer term problem but again back to the original question how long can we keep it up regardless of the outcome I mean even if this disease is spreading like wildfire right there comes a point where we simply say look everybody's got to be careful but we can have a major sectors of the country starving to death while they wait to get the coronavirus there has to be a cut off point and I'm just curious and I know you can't give a an exact amount but we could we make it as long as September or October the other thing is you know if you're not a real proliferation of testing the way we are hoping to see then you can ship strategies toward you know we figured out who actually has it and who doesn't and the people who don't have it can be a little more free and you can have a strategy that is more based on on isolating the people who are really at risk but but he you know I mean you're you're right to suggest the disks you know there's sort of no scenario where we can just keep doing this but I think exactly how it played out is going to depend on things like how quickly we get testing out and how much we flatten the curve the stock to Sheridan crane Missouri hello Sharon hello Jeremy and hello tear gassed one of the things that this is done it has thrown every research labs in the country into the heart for something to break the back of this virus and there's not one community like American ingenuity and I'm a firm believer that I think that possibly the country could last maybe six months at the outset six months no longer and then you're going to be good if people are going to say look I'm not gonna sit home and for the rest of my life I've got to get out there and make a living that's what Americans do now given you stole a little bit of my thunder when you start talking about that constitutional convention you know that I'm all for that another thing that I think once this gets straightened out in order I would go at it hammer and and count we need to get as free from China as we can possibly get that means you bring every single bit of I am a suitable back to this country and you put pressure on the pharmaceutical company because it the government is doing a lot of good for a lot of people in a short here but we can't do this forever the internet is sitting over there and they're looking at it and I want tax model wiped off there yeah they are a and international malignancy the only difference really between now and about say two was that this is not a kinder gentler to China this is a sleeker smoother China they have broken virtually every international agreement they ever agreed to in the post Mao era I I have people talk about about terrorists or quotas against the Chinese and frankly rubbish I I'd be happy to talk about a complete embargo we just don't need to deal with people as a malignant as the Chinese are in this may be very anything good comes out of this it may drive home what I think what Sharon just said that you know so what if we have to pay more for a broom I don't care either they totally reform the way they do things or let them starve to death it matters not to me your thoughts well I do think that it particularly when you're thinking of some critical industries and needs of our country whether it's with pharmaceuticals or rare earth that that we have not been careful about our sort of strategic resources and that sort of the logic of free trade which I actually generally do agree with just can't real file free trade yes they open up their markets at the same time we open up hours not one way yeah if if we had a real free trade I'm with you now how we go about that I think is a really tricky question right I mean yeah we do have these integrated supply sign supply lines we do have the potential of not just having people pay more but also throwing people out of work which we don't want to do so we got a we have to be acting careful and strategic about it but I do think that you're absolutely right your callers share and absolutely right that people are going to be looking at this a little bit more carefully because you know we talked about the trade issues and the way this administration's approach in particular a lot and we haven't really been talking about the specific problems with say pharmaceuticals more to come will be back in a moment this is the story of Julie ko.

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