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There's so many young people of missing from our society, especially young people that had so much to give and ended up just given their life. The traveling memorial will be on easy Street until Sunday afternoon. The Mansfield Field of Honor hopes visitors feel gratitude and pride, proud to be an American. And appreciate those who give us the right to even be here. Now, during a time of bitter division in our country, the memorial offers a chance to bring communities together and The one of a kind flag will be on display this week of the Mansfield police and fire complex. Well, as we have told you and reminded you that primary Election day is less than a week away. In fact, it's coming up very quickly on Tuesday of next week, and if you're a political junkie in New England, I'm sure in one way or another. You've heard of vermin supreme Well, he is a perennial libertarian candidate for office, known for his stances on civil liberties and also his attire. He wears a boot on his head when campaigning in public. He's now mounted a candidacy for the Senate seat. Looking for a write in campaign as a libertarian option to Senator Ed Markey and Congressman Joe Kennedy to Republicans. Doctor Shiva a day and Kevin O'Connor are also running for the Republican nomination. Ah Backyard party in Brockton with his many is 200. People in attendance ends in violence. Nobody. BZ Sherry Small is the story of one victim's mother, praising efforts by police. One of the people shot at that party 23 year old Rashad Francoise, shot three times in the chest, abdomen and stomach. Brockton Police were first on the scene because there were so many people up to 200. Their ambulances couldn't make it in. So police started treating victims, a group of them and a firefighter lifted and carried Francoise through the crowd to an ambulance for and Swat's mother, Wilder. Joseph saw a photograph of that she says no. Doubt. Police saved her son's life life. It's unbelievable. Now. She wants to get out a message. And I know you know, making a steak, but it's not all of them. Damn good. Good. Good credit is a lot of good ones of their in Brockton. Sherry Small W. B C. Boston's news radio. You have.

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