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Fans have responded for more on today's match you. Let's go back downstairs check in with Ben Lieber on the sidelines. Ben, thanks, I and yeah. The other thing we have is the wind down here is windy down here on the field, a strong wind from right to left as you guys look at the stadium, and that could be an issues we talked about what Tony Lamar Jackson inaccuracies throwing the football. So that's something to contend with as well. Both tickers struggle going into the one a little bit, but Justin Tucker going with the wind kicked it in from all seventy yards. So that could not a factor in this game. And guys, it's fifty two degrees. It doesn't feel fifty two because of the wind sunny on one half of the field. Half of the stands are in shade right now that happens to be the half that we're in. Tony a lot of complaining by you. I remember that at all. I can ask you. What is just stick elation? I don't know what that means gets you at the sorry. Honestly, are you saying that he was dancing? It's the playoffs. You got to step up your game. So chargers won the toss. They've elected to defer time for the opening kickoff. It's brought to you by peleton that game changing indoor cycling bike any weather is perfect for peleton. No matter. How rough it gets this winter. There's always a ride waiting for. You the kick from badgley Montgomery, the return, man. And he's dropped just as you cross the twenty yard line by Desmond king the second. That's where Baltimore will take over and the transformation for the ravens offensively when Lamar Jackson took over the starting duties initially Joe flacco was injured. That's why Jackson got the nod. And then the realization Tony that Baltimore's at different team more affected with Jackson under center. Well, they are a run. I they run a higher percentage in any NFL any team the NFL with large Acton. And it takes a lot of pressure off their defense as well. Because they control the clock. So well, and they've got options at the running back spot. Gus Edwards.

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