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Where we find KCBS. Holly Kwan live in Marin county, Holly. I wouldn't say easing up a little bit. It's just not quite as it's not pummelling as much. It was earlier this morning. The Nado, you know, the place that's really really wet. And so normally county they checked in with over four inches of rain as a six o'clock this morning. So they got a couple more hours and wonder what that is. Now, it's not super windy. So that's a good thing. Otherwise, it'd be storming and nobody would want to stop out here and talk to you. I did talk to one a bread truck delivery driver. He was out since two in the morning. You said it was just awful. You couldn't see anything streets were all flooded people were flashing high beams on here because he was going to slow, but you've got that was the safest way to go. I mean, it's just kinda nasty all over. Now. I think last time I talk to you. I said they had a ground delay. That's going to be instituted at SFO at nine o'clock can last from nine AM until ten pm tonight. That's because the FAA is estimating three hour average delays at the airport. And when that happens a lot of air lines decide they're gonna cancel some of the flight. Most of those are going to be like in the inside California's short, hops, Palm Springs, San Luis Obispo Santa Barbara because they have to reconfigure having an take off and land because of the switch in the winds. So it's not that the Windsor. So so heavy it's just that they're coming from different directions. So far they have eighty cancellations at the airport forty in forty out in ninety one flight delays. So the airport duty manager said just make sure you call your line double check. It's not a good day. Flying on the roads. Either about matter not a good day to be outdoors. That's.

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