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Deadly crash after a border chase that happened in San Diego and started after a truck sped through the border going over one hundred with nine people in and then ran over a spike strip shortly after the spike strip the vehicle ended up going up in abatement dirt rock and bake bit a very steep. The vehicle went probably about twenty twenty five feet up that embankment and subsequently rolled over California Highway Patrol spokesman Tim gravity now. Three people died. The rest are taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Residents are one southern California community are saying they're grateful mudslide spared homes at survived this month's wildfires. Volunteers sandbag around seminal mobile home park in a after severe storm saturated burned-out hills. There were people doing this backbreaking work digging out the lake filling sandbags in sandbagging, Oliver home. She helps preserve what remains. So I just want to rethink all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your kindness. That's resident rate grew lick the first to ski airmen listed as missing in action has now been identified twenty four year old Lawrence Dixon, was a captain in nineteen forty four when he took off on a reconnaissance mission from base in Italy his plane crash near the border with Austria, it's engine failed to recover team found the wreckage in two thousand twelve and a twelve year old boy from Polk County now facing seven felony charges for giving middle school students marijuana Gumy's. We rush them to the hospital with EMS where they were being treated sheriff Grady judge says seven children in total eight the gums during gym class at mulberry middle school five were taken to the hospital. It's not exactly clear yet. How the twelve year old boy got them all warned us that all of this was coming. The students are all going to recover. Marijuana infused. Candies are illegal for anyone to have in Florida. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five WDBO..

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