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The broadcasting business i'll tell you quick story the first game i ever did in the booth back in nine and it'll be network because the phillies dodgers game and i'm in the booth with bob costas which is crazy i mean it's like taking somebody out from the florida state league and say you know you're catching greg maddux randy johnson tonight so that was just a thrilled i noticed with fretwork at five guys in the perfectionist that he is after the game he every game he gets a dvd of the game and he goes back and watches it critiques himself i'll never forget he got angry with himself about one small mistake way identified a hitter lose out on deck in the index circle and it just chapter and here's this guy was all these emmy awards and all the accolades you could think of and that just impressed me so much that you know it's not by accident that he's that good we don't always get to see the works i'm lucky enough to see them a hind seen stuff and he hasn't changed a bit in that regard so i though those conversations i enjoy about how to have a better broadcast talked about that all the time before the game and then rehashing it after the game you know what worked and what didn't work it's it's like auditing a class from princeton professor it really isn't education tom congrats to you on the emi nam not shocked by that at all good luck hope that you win it and thanks so much appreciate it you got a guy guys always a pleasure and the season thanks john for duty he'll be on mlb network tonight call me yankees game unfortunately black down here tonight will air immediately following the game seven days.

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