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To reel him in as a as a walk on and certainly ran for twenty two hundred yards and thirty nine touchdowns and good for him yeah get that opportunity and also truck edwards being an opportunity pit yeah walk on it pit big strong sounds like you'll ultimately be a fullback me back and linebacker at bluefield but probably more of a fullback at the university of pittsburgh so again can't dismiss invited walk on opportunities as well so good one for him next question on the text line sags in to to mature leave can't making talk to him i'm not sure making the best person taco him i think devon williams is probably the better person to talk to him but i think the maturity thing is also a factor in not listening to those that trying to tell him what's best for him so if he were at the whole maturity thing i've talked a lot he's a he's a good kid i i want to say even if he makes a bad decision i mean okay you know he made a bad decision you hope he makes one that helps him you know in obviously selfishly i think all your fans want to see him return but i also think that you know just looking at it without selfishness involved it it would behoove him to come back but if he doesn't come back that doesn't mean you know easing off person he just listening to the wrong people who you know trying to you know maybe.

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