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So this new samsung galaxy s nine so fast in the palm of my hand yesterday when the emmy nominations came out rather than going to my notebook because it's usually faster than the phone i could run around the web see the shows that renominated i'd never heard of go find out what they're all about it was faster than my laptop my galaxy s nine no waiting i'm done faster it is national hotdog day we just had dogs it really good friends at sonic sorolla group they own a lot of sonics up here like staten island edison new jersey oliver powell new jersey's middletown anyway i grew up going to sonic drivein they had in dallas and so it was great about sonic is you you pull up don't have to get out of your car you just push the button when sonic opened by me in parameter like is it on seventeen seventeen oh my gosh for months you could not your online in your car for hours because everybody they had to have police officers come out and direct traffic a love song that so many people wanted to get peace of that sonic it's true i heard like the slushy and the other so good so amazed haven't had one but to call them lime slush puppies i don't know why they call them that they always had like a little plastic giraffe or mermaid on the side of your cup that's known if they do that anymore anyway so sonic thank you for the hot dogs on national hotdog day i just scarfed down a chili dog i had one with sauerkraut and mustard what's up to do is still requirement to deliver the food to the car on rollerblades or roller skates and stuff like that 'cause i know being done is not required you can't work for us on this you're on roller skates carry it's not required but i'm going to start require you wear roller skates i would like that hey uh smiling stevens on the phone high smiling stephen f good morning you can just hear the happiness in his voice all well thank you how's everything going up there all right well we're doing very well but we're very happy that you have landed let let me tell you about smiling stephen smilin' stephen started in our lives anyway as an intern while he was attending syracuse the most incredible media college in the world arguably and so how many years ago was that smile in stephen i think that was two two years ago or three i left town when he was so now you're officially producing our show for two and philly yeah to this is my this is my first week have you screwed it up yet because i don't i don't see a lot of complaints sounds like it's working fingers crossed i mean my first day got off to a little bit of a rocky start y'all heard you lost your wallet yeah no his first day at work fashion yeah so present here so where did you find where'd you find your wallet oh i searched high and low i had to call and get all the cards are placed.

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