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A point but are sort of doesn't is kind of it has a lovely ignorance about it but i thought to myself on basically do with the exact same thing you know it's not that far from something i be doing now filling you did that were was this hour is twenty two minutes had it begun dorrell cast though that would be nineteen ninety we did that and an and a while it was only ninety three or ninety four years later than i went up to the fringe festival halifax my first time off the islet uh and while i was doing a sketch show with with one of the guys from cathode in the in the fringe fast and we got up there and like yo had really worked at a place to stay in know a couple of like idiots and a rick worse or happened to be in town and he just got a condo because he was going to work on six episodes of this summer show that was going to be on called a replacement show those can recall 22 minutes and so our like a rikkers stay your under under floor and he's a guy didn't have any furniture he just got in there so slept are rick mercer floor do this they as the west not all about rick is that while we're doing this thing now trade him it was the out is like a news parody thing i'm like okay i think that will never work ways you think when you first saw the show i was the ship in pop in in st john's add everybody the whole place at hushed because the show was common all you know with you know to me great to media who everybody loved and and and mary the legend in the brilliant kathy joe's and rick you know young rick who was basically it'll be is very young at that time service like my car wrecks on tv and you know ebbers occasional rex murphy he's too young for that and they're so we look up on the screen there's this thing it's a new status which was unusual that is pre daily show and everything else and now protv is pretty much just people do and fake news on news desk and and it was pretty exciting you know at epa for myself at beit you know nineteen or whatever i was i klickovic on like how k less preston.

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