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You'll have the option to receive an autodial text message from iheartmedia. Why why do we ignore the things that give us cause but seem out of place that don't feel right? The answer to why defines who we are. So if you see something why do you say something, I see safe for my friends for my community for my family or each other? Because all of this matters. We all have something worth protecting. So why the UC say report suspicious activity to local authorities to see something say something? Eleven x Portland an iheartradio station. Now, did you? Good morning. I'm Anna Eriksson. It's forty seven degrees. Our top story. The Oregon state medical examiner was called out to a police investigation at a gas station and south is Portland this morning. Police arrived to the AM PM and ARCO gas station on ninety second Holgate around ten last night. Officers have been focusing on the trunk of a white sedan in the parking lot caters Genevieve rooms as it appeared. They pulled the body out of the car and placed it in the back of the medical examiner's truck all signs of this point seeming pointing towards this being a dead body. I did talk with an officer on scene as well as the detective on scene, and neither of them can confirm exactly what happened here in Multnomah county, medical examiner, investigate suspicious sudden and unexpected deaths Portland. Police are investigating a suspicious death at an old tunnel apartment building the body of a man was discovered in a unit at the selling McCracken apartments and north west fifth in every yesterday afternoon. The men's neighbor can fable it tells you he believes the man had been dead for some time because of a foul smell coming from the unit. And you knew, you know, the smell, you know, he just know that something something happened in there. The man was discovered by county. Parole and probation officers. Police said they went to check on a client that did not keep his appointment with them. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death. I I became a Christian when I was junior high school that's from an online video of youth. Pastor Ryan much lower. He's been arrested by Beaverton police for allegedly trying to lure a fourteen year old girl into sex officer. Jeremy Shaw says the victim's parents contacted them when they saw their daughter communicating with much lower through text messages after that time, we knew that. There was going to potentially be a point in time where the two were going to meet we weren't going to let that happen much. There was a youth pastor at mountain park church in lake oswego and assisted with the alo- high school marching band program. Police believe there may be more victims you can see his photo at eleven ninety.

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