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I knew michael dorian The he was the son of john dory and I how i mean have gone there. Yes did i go there at that crowd no but A little bit older than he was in. That crowd was younger anyway but So that was what attracted me to that story in particular. I was like new york in the eighties group in their the eighties. And i knew robert chambers and so part of what was satellites. Sorry i just what. What is your perception of back fan. Before all that happened he was just quiet. He was a quiet kind of tall. Maybe a little bit brooding. He was probably sad in person. I i would say But a lot of the guys. I knew he hung out with. Were kind of dark. You know they were going through there was they. Were troubled were a lot of drugs. They didn't come from families that were necessarily stable and and this isn't an excuse for what he did at all. I'm just telling you what my impressions of him were and we hung out pretty soon as friends with a group of friends pretty regularly. I pretty much. I can't quite remember much. You know because he was very quiet but the access we had in the series was based on people that i grew up with an anne as well had gone to college with his high school girlfriend. So who went on to be an actor right. Yes i kind of deep dive on her a little bit after. Yeah yeah yes exactly. So and then survived differences. Similar like we. We were very interested in having giving the women and going and meeting the women and talking to them about their experience with joan. If you want me talk about joan. Joan is interesting because we had just done. The devil came on horseback. Which was serious and you know again based on this one young former. Us marine captain. Who had been indoor four. And i was talking to my mother. Who was who was friends with joan rivers and said you know you really should spend time with her. She's just like people she really..

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