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To them, they sort of look at you, really strange. To mingle Herrmann who is at five and one he's trying to be. The second or third pitcher Zachary also the pitches today at three along Tyler glass note, you get to six wins this season. So that would be tremendous. If he got his six wins and dreaming Armand has been pitching. Absolutely great. And we have seen that from him five and one two point five six ERA. So we'll be back after these messages with the start of today's game. This is the New York Yankees radio network. On. I'll get you up. Here. You pick it up and dial hit me now. Eight five five two one two four two two seven Paul from Tampa up on CBS sports radio. Thanks for the call Paul. Hey, what's up, very? Do the trouble in born and raised and Albany, New York's like Reverend Saratoga, but I was kind of happy to hear you just this afternoon. I wanted to hear what you thought of the people I follow on Twitter in the industry. A lot of people are I'm with you. I think it's very discouraging what happened yesterday. But I'm hearing a lot of people go the other way. But you're caller is covered. I think Dave Brennaman was really good today. But you know, say as wasn't reckless. I keep seeing the one to me one road up on the seven now the seven was all the track. And I keep hearing that he was well, I don't think one going out one and a half passes over the track going forty miles an hour on the far turn. And I still think the one came up on the seven. And and what bothers me is. I'm sure you've heard it a million times ready. The one the trainer on the one cast a trainers. Complain foul heating claim us all the track and claim foul. So that, you know, and at the end of the day, you know, I don't think. The one was gonna win the race. But I can look at it St. if the one was the one got hit fine take them down, you know, Jordan pushed off ninety against Brian Russell. I know there's a blatant foul. I want to get it. Right. But it's it's you made a great point a little while ago. It was in the mind it's on the far turn going forty miles an hour. It's not like the seven veered out completely crazy like a fleet Alex about ten years ago, almost Jeremy Jeremy rose moles came out of the saddle to his knees and back up the won the race. Right. Like, I couldn't believe that. I was sitting watching the racist. Right. I I was at golf shirt when he won the Florida derby maximum security. I didn't think he was gonna get this yesterday. But I'm watching the reason is I kept watching kept going. You know, what they're gonna take this always down because what they're doing is. They're signal, but I'm really I'm really turned off by following the game. I'm forty one game. So it's been eight, but I'm really upset that they did it because I want to get it. Right. But I don't think the seven I don't think say I don't think he was quitting riding carelessly. Now if he came out if he if he gets days. As for careless riding. Now. I really I attempt to get one or Stewart's on it will be feeble attempt because if they wouldn't talk to the owner of the horse who got disqualified, I'm Kentucky Derby day. I hear he's got no chance of getting on the show. We're going to put in a visual request. Ridiculous. Just absolutely nuts. Anyth- right. The one horse war will is the one. That was I contacted and fouled. If there was a foul. And if there was a foul, I think it was borderline best. He was trying to get to a whole bit wasn't there as attempted to start to make the move to the hall. Now. Luckily for him the horse days outside made room for them more. So than the the front running maximum security coming over and blocking him the horse to the outside that was slowing down. The tidy actually gave them room to get to that whole it wasn't there three strides before, but it did open up, arm and war. We'll try to get through it. And he was grazed grazed at best buy maximum security. That to me is not a disqualify bullpens. Jab from New Mexico's up on CBS sports radio. Hello, jeff. They had me on. Thank you gotta tiny mine. I'm gonna give you several angles. Your last caller was correct. Better plead, Alex, I'm going to give another one member looking at lucky derby. There was no inquiry objection when he got shut out at the beginning. Alabama. One alley Ceiba came flying down the stretch did the offense at that point. Did anybody gets it down? Heck, no, no. Did you see did you see NBC when they cut to the stuarts on several cuts during that twenty minute period chief steward was emphatic trying. To twist the arms of the other day, somebody who can read let me ask you question. If you watching time because I had it on I was on a year year and CBS sports radio. So I've got the broadcast on in my studio, but I've certainly got no volume because I'm admits of doing the show and saw the video that you're talking about did the NBC have live audio in the steward's boot. Or was that a reading of the situation by any of the comment commentators NBC, add no reading of the situation. So I played it. It back to find mine.

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