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The ftc itself and the fact that after a full year of trump he has yet to appoint three of five commissioners whereas the fcc was often running as we saw that's right and that you know i think a lot of people are wondering what's going on here because this has been the longest lag with the shortest ftc staff of commissioners we've had in many many years and we have heard that president trump is interested in appointing joe simon's who is an antitrust attorney as the new chairperson but it it it's been that talk has been happening for several months and we haven't seen that appointment happen yet and of course he'd still have to go through the confirmation process so the ftc in some extent is really been in limbo for about a year and the acting chairperson marino house and can't really go forward with her own agenda because it it seems clear that she is unlikely to be named the next chairperson and so it puts them they've gone forward they've had enforcement actions but it's made it difficult for them tell us about the draft kings fanned tool well that's a great example of in at the ftc moving forward even with this lesser staff that was a deal i mean this was sort of an online virtual sports gaming companies and it was a small deal it wasn't a huge deal but the federal trade commission saw it as a merger to monopoly and they too to block that deal and that was a success for them where they got those two parties to walk away in a vanden that deal so what will be what will we be talking about in 2018 what will you be watching for while in the ftc side were certainly gonna be watching to see how the staff shapes up and then what the new enforcement policies are how the ftc goes forward and whether or not i think it's important to understand now this big difference we seem to have between the ftc and the department of.

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