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To stay with us. That means Philip Rucker and Jill Kovin, Phil. What are Republicans saying privately that was an impressive showing publicly yet, Bryan? There's a lot more anxiety privately over the last few days, my colleagues, and I have been talking to Republican lawmakers and other Republicans in the Trump orbit allies if the president who are growing increasingly concerned with where these investigations are headed they were alarmed by some of the developments last week. The fact that former national security adviser Michael Flynn had nineteen different meetings with the Muller team. And investigators some of the details that emerged in notes filings last Friday, also spooked some of these Trump allies, and there's a sense that this investigation is moving into more perilous territory for the president than they had been led to believe in that they're comfortable with. That doesn't mean that they're going to come out publicly tomorrow and give a speech distancing themselves from the president. But they're privately concerned. They don't think the White House it's prepared to deal with all of this from a political standpoint, let alone legal standpoint in terms of defending the president. And they're concerned about what it could mean politically next year as investigations intensify you're going to have Democrats taking over in the house at plying their own pressure. And what is this mean for the Republican brand that's going to be the big question for these lawmakers? Of course, jelly still has to hire a chief of staff he says there are any number of candidates for the job, whether it's a wartime consigliere or peacetime consul Yere. Do you think Jill the concern is that he's unprepared for short term or that? He could be going down long-term. You know, I think that it's concerned both on both of those fronts. You've got a president here who is about to as Phil outline there. We're hearing the same things from our sources you've got a president about to enter already in this incredibly difficult time. Time and he's got a chief of staff who's got one foot out the door on clear who is going to be bringing in there and increasing this continuing saga of chaos around the White House. I think what you're also seeing in those comments from those Republicans who just seem like they're in absolute denial is the fact that regardless of what is happening. President Trump is the Republican standard bearer for twenty twenty. It doesn't seem at this point that there any other credible candidates. This is the face of the Republican party that Republicans are going to be stuck with for the next at least two years. Philip Rucker Joe Kovin our thanks for sticking around. We wanted to take on the near and far future. Politically, we appreciate it. Coming up after a daylight today. Six hundred ninety two days into this presidency. A frequent guest of ours is here to remind us just how far we have travelled from normal..

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