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In writing the nation's governors Thursday to let them know the administration looking into possibly easing restrictions for parts of the country president notify the governor's about potential changes in social distancing guidelines in many cases the governors can choose to accept or decline the recommendations but the criteria will all be based on whether certain counties are low medium or high risk for corona virus for example we know the counties in and around New York City or hot spots and are unlikely to see any major changes in the stay at home mandates but rural counties with low numbers of infections could see different approaches in his letter to governors the president acknowledged quote there is still a long battle ahead but our efforts are already paying dividends he went on to say the administration will soon decide whether to maintain decrease or relax social distancing fox's trace Gallagher a navy warship infected and headed for port the acting navy secretary Thomas Moseley told reporters the USS Theodore Roosevelt would be heading into port in Guam as soon as possible in order for all five thousand sailors and pilots on board to be tested for corona virus we were among the first to report that twenty four sailors on board the massive warships have now passed tested positive in recent weeks the Roosevelt was flying round the clock air operations in the South China Sea to send a message to Beijing with the carrier in port in Guam those flight ops will stop and talk to Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon federal grand jury has indicted Venezuela's dictator Nicolas Maduro and several of his key aides accusing them of narco terrorism for conspiring with Colombian rebels to flood the U. S. with cocaine UFC light heavyweight champion Jon bones Jones arrested on suspicion of GW why officers heard gunshots and found in a parked car with a handgun and a bottle of liquor early Thursday in Albuquerque New Mexico I'm Jack Callahan this is fox news delivery.

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