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Was on the adult defector Pennsylvania Avenue heading toward Richie Marber Road. Everything should be on a shoulder, not blocking any travel lanes. They don't even tell us if it's still there on the shoulder or not believe everything should be at least on the shoulder. And we've got some lingering delays coming upon the animal from Pennsylvania Avenue heading toward Richie Marble rode in one of those from Central Avenue to get to the incident scene. But you should find your lanes available with the blaze easing out on the Baltimore Oyster Parker a brief delay North bound approaching powder Mill road. Nothing currently reported blocking in that stretch on Route one South bound jam to the works on your Cherry Hill Road. At last report, you were getting by under the flight crew direction unusual back of as you leave the idea heading south of Cherry Hill. In one point, you couldn't make the turn on to Cherry Hill Road. On the trip through Wheaton. The crash was on Georgia Avenue between Randolph Road and Lay Hill Road in camera. We see a lot of response. There it appears you stay to the right both North bound and south up, you'll be under police direction nonetheless. Elsewhere in Virginia, 95 South bound normal volume delays as you ahead across the Aqua Quinn from Lourdes and toward Woodbridge, 3 95 south and they went out to deal with the disabled vehicle before 2 36 along the right. The easy pass Things run north on 95 3 95 district cited for 3 95 North Crossing the Potomac. You can't access lower 14th of the 12 Street Expressway because of the ongoing street closures. 66 East crossing. The Roosevelt Bridge will be diverted to under the toward the Eastern Expressway because of the closures and reminded the Arlington Memorial Bridge is still shut down as well. For the duration. A list is available at w t o p dot com. I'm Jo Conway wtlv traffic Now the storm team for meteorologists. Amara Theodore. Hey, everyone! I'm tracking the radar right now. And I'm seeing some snow showers in front Royal maybe a little.

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