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Student debt and unlike public hospitals for people animal clinics can be forced to turn away clients if they can't pay for services it just takes a lot of practice to reassure yourself that you've done the best that you could with the information that you had at the time over the years johnson is seen first hand how serious the consequences of stress can be one of her favourite professors died by suicide so did a surgeon who worked closely with her clinic i don't know what the answer is i don't i don't know how to fix it but i know that we need to talk about it more a study of us veterinarians found their almost twice as likely as the general population to experience psychological distress like depression and mental illness it suggests one in six have thought about suicide since graduating on a boat with the troubled with other people that holbrooke dr charles figli is a psychologist whose pioneered the study of what's called compassion fatigue it's a secondary trauma that impacts people who are constantly helping those in pain doctors for example are at risk for this emotional exhaustion which could in turn contribute to depression they have nowhere forget around looking at the r oh they required to try to figure out how to health figli compares it to secondhand smoke you inhaled troubles that aren't your own symptoms can include anxiety trouble sleeping and burnout bigley says to combat compassion fatigue with self care and support if they can transform their into working and learning from their struggle then they can transform it into stepping stone before need transformation can happen people have to recognize there is a problem dr carlos gartrell is an administrator at midwestern university arizona's only veterinary school a lot of our students are high cheever's they haven't dealt with failure before she says when she was in vet school thirty years ago there were no classes outside of science.

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